Using MS Teams with Webex login

  • 24 March 2022
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Hi is it possible to configure Slido to work in an environment that supports both Webex and Microsoft Teams?   

SSO was configured originally for Webex. We have enabled Slido in the Teams App policy and it ‘works’ however every time you access it in Teams it forces you to login again.


5 replies

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Hi @Sean Esler,

The only way to use MS Teams with the Webex login would be to ask participants to join the event on their devices.

At the moment, logging in with Webex in MS Teams is not possible so you cannot use the Teams integration. But, you can still log in with Webex via and share your screen with present mode. Then ask participants to join your event on their devices by scanning the QR code or entering the event code at

Hope this helps :) We are currently trying to resolve this limitation so thank you for flagging this.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

have there been any changes regarding this issue?

now, I can login ms teams with webex sso but slido appears in a new window and it can’t be added to the meeting/chat/whatever…

thanks in advance

I have SSO setup with Webex. I am planning to move away from Webex and move all meetings into MS Teams. What is the steps to transaction the SSO to MS Teams?


Hey @Steve Panton!

Webex accounts in Slido cannot actually use the MS teams integration so you can’t login with Webex in this case.

This is a current limitation. Based on your question I assume you would like to change this type of login, so you can set up an SSO for your users in order to login and use MS Teams Integration. 

Can you please send an email to our customer care team at from the email address associated with your current Slido account? They will take a look at your account and help you with this transition :)

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Hi @loreavl,

Not yet, I’m afraid our product team won’t have the possibility to get to this anytime soon. 

However, once we do have any updates, we will let you know right away. 

Thank you for your patience.