How to show interim leaderboard for quiz in PowerPoint?

  • 2 June 2021
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I’m running a quiz built using the powerpoint plugin.  After each question, I am displaying a slide to explain the correct answer.

I’d like to also display interim leaderboard along the way, but I want to display them after the answer explanation slide.  The “Show leaderboard” option after each quiz question will show the interim leaderboard before the answer explanation slide that I created.

Is there any other way to show an interim leaderboard or is that checkbox the only way to do it?



1 reply


Hi Josh!

Thanks for the question! At the moment with the Powerpoint plugin there is no way to create a separate leaderboard slide. You can only display it after each question as you mention above.

This is something we will look into and see if there is a way to have a separate leaderboard slide option that you can add into your presentations.