Is there a way to eliminate "Get Ready" in quizzes?

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I created a quiz in powerpoint, with normal slide interspersed between the Slido quiz slides.  If a normal slide separates 2 Slido quiz slides then, the audience first sees “Get Ready” on the screen (see image) and the presenter needs to click again.  “Get Ready” is not shown between consecutive Slido slides.

Is there any way to skip this screen?



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Hi again Josh!

At the moment there isn’t a way to skip the get ready screen. It seems like you’re doing some really cool stuff with Slido quizzes and powerpoint!

If you've got the time, it would be great to have a 30 minute chat about how you’re using Slido and some of the things we could do to make it better. I can also show you some of the new features we are introducing which might improve your experience.

If you’re interested you can book a call with me here:




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Actually, there is a way to skip the “Get Ready” screen in powerpoint.  Its a bit of a hack but it work.

The workaround is to open the Animation pane for the Slido slides and set the first Animation from Start on Click to Start with Previous.  You may see the Get Ready screen for a split second but Slido will advance past it.
I also recommend for smoother transition to set the Transition on your Slido slides, to none rather than fade or anything else.  Otherwise you will see the placeholder firs before Slido loads the question webpage