PowerPoint Add in and Webex

  • 7 October 2021
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I am looking to present my PowerPoint over Webex. I will also have some multimedia embedded in the slides. Typically this would be done by sharing a file, but I don’t think I can run the Slido features this way. How can I do both?

3 replies

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Hi @bandpwise

Ok, just to be sure were on the same page, let me start from the beginning. :) 

To have both Slido in your presentation + Webex, you’ll need to add your event to your PowerPoint presentation ( only available for Windows users). This will allow you add the interaction points directly in your slides. 

For attendees, add Slido to your Webex meeting. Every time you’ll reach a slide with Slido, the poll, survey, quiz or Q&A will activate in your attendees Webex window. 

Now, if you have any multimedia, I believe before you select which window to share, you need to select optimize for motion & video in the upper-right. 

Hope this helped! Happy to address any questions you may have. 


If I try to share the presentation in Webex Meeting:

Webex → Share → share file → select local PPT file and click share

I am getting always error "There is no enought memory to start powerpoint".

If I disable Slido addin, sharing works.


What is the reason for that and how can I fix it?



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Hi @GeorgiSchumov,

Unfortunately, this workflow is not supported.

So, If you're using our PowerPoint integration, you can't upload that PowerPoint presentation into Webex. 


Sorry about that. Please let me know if there’s anything else that I can help you with!