PowerPoint Add in and Webex

  • 7 October 2021
  • 1 reply

I am looking to present my PowerPoint over Webex.  I will also have some multimedia embedded in the slides.  Typically this would be done by sharing a file, but I don’t think I can run the Slido features this way. How can I do both?

1 reply


Hi @bandpwise

Ok, just to be sure were on the same page, let me start from the beginning. :) 

To have both Slido in your presentation + Webex, you’ll need to add your event to your PowerPoint presentation ( only available for Windows users). This will allow you add the interaction points directly in your slides. 

For attendees, add Slido to your Webex meeting. Every time you’ll reach a slide with Slido, the poll, survey, quiz or Q&A will activate in your attendees Webex window. 

Now, if you have any multimedia, I believe before you select which window to share, you need to select optimize for motion & video in the upper-right. 

Hope this helped! Happy to address any questions you may have.