Powerpoint Slide Transitions setting

  • 9 June 2021
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For smoother transition between Powerpoint slides and Slido questions, I have found that it is best to set the Transition on your Slido slides, to none rather than fade or anything else.  Otherwise you will see the Slido placeholder first before Slido loads the question webpage because that operation does not occur until the powerpoint transition is complete.

2 replies


Hi @jsultanik,
Jozi from Slido for Windows team here.

Yes, our Slido slides should not have any transition set as PowerPoint must play the transition first and we can display the Wall afterwards. This will cause the placeholder text to appear during the animation between slides.

Did our Sidebar add any transitions to your presentation which caused this? Or did your original presentation have these transitions between slides globally and when you added Slido slides they did not behave as expected?

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The template I used had the Fade transition set globally.  I had to manually change the Slido slides to None after I created them