Slido for PowerPoint Error: "You appear to be offline. Check your internet connection."

  • 30 July 2021
  • 6 replies

I followed steps from video to download add-in. As soon as I open PowerPoint, Slido icon says I’m offline. The error never goes away even if I logout of Slido and back in again. I am most definitely not offline. Has anyone seen this error before? Thanks.


6 replies


Hi @FrantzCF 

I’m sorry you have issues with the addin.

Can you create a log file and contact us at

How to get logs

  1. Click Start, type Slido and launch it
  2. Right-click the “S” icon in the system tray (bottom-right corner)
  3. Select Get logs
  4. Attach the generated .zip file to the email to


If you cannot see the Slido button in the ribbon bar, please try the steps in the I can’t see the Slido button in PowerPoint section of our guide Troubleshooting Slido for PowerPoint | Slido Community 


The support team will then be able to look into this further for you and hopefully get it resolved!

Logs are on the way

I am having the exact same issue.  Any resolution suggests?




Hi, Shane, 

Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing the issue. 

Please send us the logs to following the steps posted above by my colleague Graeme. 

Our lovely Customer Care team will troubleshoot with you further. 

Hope that helps!



I had this same problem yesterday. I noticed that it was taking an extremely long time to integrate a new poll into my slide set.  I did this despite the red exclamation point on the Slido icon. However, when I went to Present with Slido I could only get a white screen, the poll never replaced the placeholder item. I finally uninstalled the Slido add-in and then reinstalled it. It worked and then the powerpoint presentation worked seamlessly.


Has this problem been resolved yet? I’m having the same issue.