Slido in PowerPoint does not start in Teams presentation mode

  • 24 January 2021
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I installed the Powerpoint-AddIn today (24th of January 21) but Slido is not automatically starting in ppt when I share it in presetation mode via Teams. When I share my desktop. It works. I understood from other discussions that this bug was known an that there was a bug fix by a higer slido version, but obvioulsy this is still not working. Any idea ?





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3 replies


Hi @Katinka,

with Slido for Windows v0.16.1 we support these Share content options in Microsoft Teams:

  • Desktop - your whole desktop will be shared
  • Window - you can select the PowerPoint window with your presentation or a slide show to display during the meeting

We do not support the Share content - PowerPoint option which will display the presentation using the built-in viewer inside Microsoft Teams as our add-in does not integrate with this viewer.


When you use the Desktop or Window option, you can display the presentation in edit mode with the Sidebar and collaborate on the document at the Teams meeting, or you can run Slide Show from PowerPoint and Slido polls will be displayed as you go through the presentation.


If it does not work for you and you can see only placeholder slides without actual Slido polls, please contact our support so we can take a look at the logs and identify the problem.

Are there any plans to change/update this please? We’re using Powerpoint Live in Teams to present slides, and just says ‘start in presentation mode’ to view results.


Hi @MBasker,

we do not support PowerPoint Live because that product cannot be extended.

You’ll need to use Slido for Windows with a desktop version of Microsoft PowerPoint.


We are sorry we cannot provide a great Slido experience in the PowerPoint Live for now.


Best regards,