Slido poll PowerPoint slide cut off in presenter mode

  • 20 October 2021
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I am using the Slido add-in in ppt. I used the slido presentation mode to display by Slido wordcloud poll. The slide came up the question and the password were cut off.  See images below. Any thoughts?

PS. I am using two screens, it works on my big screen but not on my laptop screen. I like to have the presentation showing on my laptop screen.

2 replies


Hi @Gknefel, when you start presenting does the slide show and presenter view start at the correct screen? Or do you use the Display Settings > Swap Presenter View and Slide Show to change the screen setup?


One workaround could be to change the monitor where presenter view should show by default:


If this does not solve your issue, don’t hesitate to write us.

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Hello, I’ve started encountering this problem after a recent update, but I think I found a way around it.

If I have a blank slide just before the Slido material, the Slido fits my secondary display perfectly.  But when I start the PowerPoint presentation with Slido, it seems like Slido inherits the resolution of my main display (a 4K monitor), where I have Presenter View,  and displays that in my secondary screen (1080p), which is where I display the full slide show, resulting to a cropped view like the OP shows.