Slido Powerpoint - Polling Add-in

  • 22 December 2020
  • 3 replies

Interesting issue we are experiencing and wondering if anyone else has seen this.  On a Windows laptop, running PowerPoint 2010 the Slido Powerpoint plug-in works great unless you are an admin level user on the PC.  Has anyone seen this?

3 replies


Apologies for our late response,

We’d love to hear a bit more about the problem. If you could share a bit more information with us - such as what Windows version you use and what exactly you mean by “admin level”. 

This will help us to provide a better answer.

Feel free to contact our Customer Care team with this issue if you prefer to continue the conversation via email.




Hi @nicometo,
Jozef from Slido for Windows team here.

Do you still have issue with running the Slido with PowerPoint?

As you have mentioned the admin level user, can you elaborate more on this? Is it a Windows account which has the administrative rights on the computer? Is the plugin working only for accounts which are not part of the Administrators group? Do you use User Account Control?

Slido for Windows works with any user account on a Windows machine. It does not require administrative rights to be installed or to run it. It will also work when the account has administrative rights. We do not test it in scenarios when the User Account Control is turned off.

Thank you for the replies.  For some reason, this is no longer an issue.