Is there any integration of Slido in Powerpoint on a Mac?

  • 20 September 2021
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Hello! Is there any integration of Slido in Powerpoint on a Mac?

24 replies

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Hi @ssilver18,


Unfortunately, our PowerPoint integration is currently only available for Windows. 


However, we do have a great Google Slides integration that works equally great! Would you be up for trying that in the meantime?


Let me know if you need any help with setting it up! 

Hi @ssilver18,


Unfortunately, our PowerPoint integration is currently only available for Windows. 


However, we do have a great Google Slides integration that works equally great! Would you be up for trying that in the meantime?

Hi @Alex - I second @ssilver18’s feature request. You’ve suggested using Google Slides “in the meantime”, does that mean PowerPoint for Mac compatibility is coming? And if so, would you have an ETA on this please? I’ve tried the Switcher app and that’s not quite what I am looking for.


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Hi @pmteam,

The Slido for PowerPoint integration on Mac is definitely something that we are looking into but unfortunately, we don’t have an ETA for it right now. That’s why we recommend using our Google Slides integration for now, as it’s available for both Mac and Microsoft users. I do realize that it’s not the best solution for Mac PowerPoint users, to just switch to another tool just to use Slido. 

As an easy and quick fix to try that we used in the “old-days” (pre-integrations) is to set up 2 screens on your Mac - one with slides and one with Slido wall and simply swipe between them, if your presentation setup allows that. 


I’d love to hear your feedback on Switcher and why it’s not a working that well for you?

Any updates on this request for Slido for Powerpoint for Mac?

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Hi @GregSmith - unfortunately, I have no more updates at the moment. 

I’ll make sure to update this thread once we have more information about this feature 😊


Let me know if there’s anything else that I can help with in the meantime! 

I have a Mac PC and invested in the Slido subscription to enable me to integrate Slido into PowerPoint. Unfortunately the only option for integration provided by Slido is a Download for Windows.  I need a Download for a Mac. Has anyone experienced this problem and overcome it.  If so can you please share your solution

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Hi @Barbara Scrugham,

Unfortunately, we currently only offer our PowerPoint integration for Windows. Although we have the integration for Mac on our roadmap, we don’t have a concrete ETA for it. 


What I can recommend for now is to try our Google Slides integration or use Slido as a standalone app, without integrating it. 

The latter is actually quite simple on Mac as you can simply open Slido Present Mode in your browser and then open your presentation and start presenting. Whenever you need to jump to Slido, you simply swipe between the screens with three fingers on your trackpad . You can then simply moderate Slido right form your Present Mode using the Control Panel in your bottom-left corner. 


I apologize for the inconvenience and please let me know if you need help setting up 😊

Why is it taking so long to add a plug-in for mac? thank you for the workarounds but not everyone wants to use Google Slides or want or need to have two monitors or screens to present. just get the mac plug in working. 

So it’s kind of ridiculous that the polling is promoted but then once we sign on find out it doesn’t work for macbooks/iOS
I made the switch to macbook due to my work environment and repeatedly having issues with WINDOWS so I’m extremely disappointed that all you offer is some convoluted complexity that I can’t be bothered trying to learn when other options exist.
leaving now to find other options for polling on my zoom course.

It’s been months, it should have become available ages ago


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Hi @Bmcnair and @Earth2Sky,

Thank you for letting us know and I’m sorry the plug-in is not available yet.

Using the web app with PowerPoint on Mac is really straightforward, you don’t need any extra monitors or screens. I have created a video showing how to set it up, here.

I totally understand your frustration and that this is not ideal, and I am passing on your feedback. When the plug-in has become available for Mac, I will update this thread and keep an eye on our Product news where we will announce this, too.

Please let me know if you would like any extra resources or help with setting this up, I’m more than happy to help. Or feel free to reach out to our customer care team at or by opening a chat from Slido admin, they will be happy to help as well.

Just want to echo the other sentiments.  Very disappointing that this is not available for mac, and one the main barriers to recruiting more paid subscribers,  please resolve ASAP as many many educators in higher ed use mac interface.


Thank you,


Any update for a MAC powerpoint integration?


Thanks in advance

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Hi @adiana,

There is no update yet, but check out this thread for workarounds :)

Do you have any idea in when the mac integration will be available? Are we talking months or years here? I can imagine given it doesnt sound like its on the development roadmap it may be quite a long time? @Meggie from Slido ]

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Hey @brettyboop,

We are still exploring how we to start building the integration so we don’t have a timeline yet. It would likely not be years, but not a few months either.

Sorry I don’t have a more concrete answer here! Keep an eye on this thread or Product News and we will let you know if there are any updates :)

Just want to let you know that the workaround with using Google isn't gonna work for our institution. This is due to GDPR concerns. A lot of our teachers use Mac’s and it's frustrating that we can not offer them the same great product. I know we can use the switcher app, but why make it more difficult than it needs to be? Some of your competitors has already been able to develop a PowerPoint integration for Mac.


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Hi @Mads

Thanks for letting us know. I completely understand your frustration here, it would be a great addition to our product.

At the moment, PowerPoint integration for Mac is something we recognize the need for and there are people working on this. We still, however, cannot provide a timeline for when this will be complete. 

Sorry if this isn’t the answer you were looking for, we will post an update as soon as we know more on this. In the meantime, if you’d like to share your GDPR concerns, could you email our lovely customer care This way we can record your feedback to share and ensure It’s looked at. 


this thread has been super helpful. I decided not to subscribe to slido b/c of the lack of powerpoint for mac integration, as there are free versions of other apps that already include this integration.. 

@Cori from slido Are there any news on that feature? It would be extremely useful for our business and I thin without I will not use it.

Folks - come on! More than half the world is probably using Mac OS now and you guys can’t get off your backsides to get the integartion with Mac Powerpoint! I am going to look for another solution if this is NOT fixed. I am a paying customer and have been one for many years. 


Kind regards, 

Hello, just wanted to let you know that I would also subscribe to slido if it would have the integration with mac powerpoint. Maybe you can create a poll to see how many users would like to see this feature so that you can facilitate the integration?  

Hi, is there any update for a MAC powerpoint integration? It would be extremely useful and trigger my decision for a subscription. Kind regards.

waiting for news on support for powerpoint on mac

Just got a Mac at work and have been using Slido with enterprise edition earlier. After more than a year has this not been fixed now? Please update. It is a new year with new possibilities