Slido poll PowerPoint slide cut off in presenter mode

  • 20 October 2021
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I am using the Slido add-in in ppt. I used the slido presentation mode to display by Slido wordcloud poll. The slide came up the question and the password were cut off.  See images below. Any thoughts?

PS. I am using two screens, it works on my big screen but not on my laptop screen. I like to have the presentation showing on my laptop screen.

4 replies


Hi @Gknefel, when you start presenting does the slide show and presenter view start at the correct screen? Or do you use the Display Settings > Swap Presenter View and Slide Show to change the screen setup?


One workaround could be to change the monitor where presenter view should show by default:


If this does not solve your issue, don’t hesitate to write us.

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Hello, I’ve started encountering this problem after a recent update, but I think I found a way around it.

If I have a blank slide just before the Slido material, the Slido fits my secondary display perfectly.  But when I start the PowerPoint presentation with Slido, it seems like Slido inherits the resolution of my main display (a 4K monitor), where I have Presenter View,  and displays that in my secondary screen (1080p), which is where I display the full slide show, resulting to a cropped view like the OP shows.

Jozi’s workaround did not work for me. I find i need to keep restarting PowerPoint. Even then, sometimes it doesn’t work

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Hi @Libby

I’m sorry to see that the workaround didn’t work. So we can take a closer look into this issue and do some troubleshooting, could you contact our customer care team?
They are available 24/5 and will be happy to assist! 

You can get in touch via our live chat through Slido admin or contact If you can include any screenshots of your issue too, that would be super helpful!