What to do if PowerPoint plugin is not appearing?

  • 19 November 2020
  • 3 replies

Hi! I had installed slido for PPT and it was working perfectly, then I was collaborating on a PPT w/ a colleague, and their version of PPT is different than mine… so after they had edited the slides, the slido plugin no longer worked.  I have un-installed and re-installed it 4+ times, and I still can’t get the plug in to show up in PPT again. Any ideas? 

3 replies

Hi! Thanks for the follow up! Please let us know how it went for you. 

You may also check if the app is active under: File - Options - Add-ins 

It should look like this:


Hi Martin! Thanks so much for replying! The green slido box used to show up in PPT, but ever since a colleague updated the PPT, the green slido box is gone... and even w/ re-install I can’t get it to show up in PPT again. I am contacting our IT security team bc am wondering if something changed in our system and the plug-in was blocked. Fingers crossed!


Thanks for contacting us with this and sorry for the trouble.

Just to check: can you see Slido for PowerPoint in your PowerPoint Home menu? It should appear as a green circle with an S, on the right hand side, as shown below: