Present mode button missing in Webex meeting

  • 3 January 2022
  • 3 replies

The green “Present Slido in a new tab” button is missing. Any idea how to get it back?

It worked 2 weeks ago.

3 replies

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Hi, @Dominique V., sorry for the confusion! 

We removed the button from Webex due to some technical and usability experience we were not happy with.

It’s still possible to open Present mode from Slido, which will display it in the browser. When the time comes, you can simply screen share the browser tab with Slido Present mode. 

Here’s how you access the Present mode: 

We’re planning to bring the Present button back to Webex once it’s possible. Would you mind telling us a bit about the situations you used the Present button for? That would help us tremendously to understand your use case. 


thx for your answer.

I’m in charge of the documentation of the IT project and created last month several how-to including this functionality.

I found it very easy to present from the Webex without opening my browser.


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Hi, @Dominique V., thanks for clarifying your use case!

It totally makes sense. Hope we can bring it back soon.

I assume you used to share your whole Webex screen to share the Present mode with your audience? 

Thanks again for your insights!