Survey isn't showing results for all questions in Webex

  • 2 May 2022
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Love working with Slido at work! The polls are great for participants to show what they learned troughout our Webex Sessions. 

Anyways as mentioned I’m working with polls a lot and I noticed that there is a bug when showing correct answers in a Survey poll. Im using the Webex Slido App, after i gathered all the answers, I lock voting, show results and then show the correct answer, but it only shows the correct answer of the first Question. I though maybe i have to do each question manually? but no that is also not the case. I found out that its working perfectly fine when using the Slido Admin app, but my colleagues prefer to work with Webex as some of them only work with 1 Monitor. 


I guess my question is: Is this a Problem on our Side or something that Webex/Slido have to fix?


thanks in advance!

1 reply


Hi @Patkose,

At the moment we are improving our new design of the integration. With this new design showing correct answer does not work per question. 

If you wish to use this option please toggle off the new design and it will work. Here is a short GIF I made for you showing how it works. 

I will pass your feedback to our team so they can implement this option for the new design as well.

Hope this helps! 🙂 Let me know if you need anything else.