User Research for Slido in Webex Meetings

  • 14 September 2021
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Hi everyone,

My name is Adam and I'm a user researcher at Slido, working on our integration into Webex.

There are some exciting improvements coming to the integration but we can't implement them without your help. Are you using Slido in Webex Meetings and would you like to jump on a call with me to provide our team with feedback on the upcoming features?

If so, you can book a suitable time-slot with me using the following link:

We’re also happy to generally learn more about your experience with our integration so far. :)

Looking forward to your feedback!

Thanks for your interest,


5 replies

Adam...we just started looking at Slido via Webex. I did schedule time with you on 10/5...but wanted to let you know what we found so far as some issues/questions:

  • attendees join as guest and are set to anonymous - I did notice after doing the quiz and they entered a name, that name was added to their profile
    • I also noticed and this is more a webex issue, but when I joined from the same computer/laptop and used a different name when I joined the webex meeting, slido still show me as the previous person
  • cannot display results if you have multiple multiple choice or word clouds in the same Poll/Survey





Thanks a lot for booking a call with me. Looking forward to it. :) 

Regarding your points with names:

  • Guests showing as Anonymous - This is something we’re aware of and is on our roadmap but no ETA on this at the moment.
  • Your name carried over from before - Is this a case where you’re re-joining the same meeting as a Guest? I don’t think the behavior you describe is expected, perhaps we can cover it more in depth once we jump on a call. 

If you’re running a survey, the poll results aren’t visible for participants, only for the Host. One thing you can do is to display the Slido Present mode, share your screen with the audience and display the results there. Perhaps this something we can discuss over a call, unless it’s more urgent. 

Thanks for responding...I can show you each of these scenario’s.  Talk to you then!

Hi Adam, I’ve also booked a slot with you. 
I tested Slido out in webex last week and was quite impressed. Today I ran a session introducing it to the faculty at our institution and it didn’t go terribly well. All users had to click the refresh button in the ‘app’ window to progress through a quiz and/or see results. Some of the users did not have access to the refresh button on the app window however and they were not able to participate in the quiz or see results in one off poles. I tried to gather info about the group to see if there were any common issues (needing to update the webex app, using a browser version, different operating system) but it seemed most users connecting in the exact same way. I was not able to find a common issue. 

Hi @cbryan,

Thanks for booking the call!

I’m really sorry to hear about the issue which you experienced yesterday. The issue you describe seems to match the description of a bug which our product experienced yesterday (not just in Webex). 

I know how disappointing it must be to experience such an issue during a live session… :( Hopefully, it won’t happen again.

Nonetheless, I look forward to speaking with you soon!