Who can manage Slido when using Webex integration?

  • 4 November 2021
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Can anyone other than the host monitor the Slido Q&A panel?

Can anyone other than host administer polls?



3 replies

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Hi @Deborah

Great questions! Indeed, it’s always useful to have helping hands when running a meeting. 

As for now, the only option is to: 
1. Add the additional host/guest/collaborator in Slido standalone like this
2. When running the Webex meeting, change the host to the person you would to help you out with Slido. They will then need to add the event.

Hope this helped! Happy to address any additional questions. 



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Hi, @Deborah

Just a quick update here, a guest collaborator can now administer polls directly in Webex. 


You can find out more here: 

Hope that helps! 



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Hi all, we’ve got another update here!

Participants in a Webex meeting can now start their own Slido without the need of being a host now. To learn more how it works, follow the link below: 

In Webex Webinars, panelists can request access to a host’s Slido, but they can’t launch their own. 

Hope that works for you! Happy to hear your feedback.