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  • 24 August 2020
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Integrate Slido with Google Slides and start adding polls and quizzes directly to your presentation. You'll be able to display the results and audience questions on your slides in real-time.


In this article:


Install our Add-on and open it


  1. Install our add-on
  2. Click Add-ons, select Slido for Google Slides and Open the sidebar
  3. Choose a session you want to work with or create a new one


Having troubles with the Add-on? Scroll all the way down to the troubleshooting section.



Pro tip: Install our Slido Chrome extension

For seamless presenting, install also our extension for Google Chrome along with the add-on mentioned above.

It is not required but it ensures that your animations, transitions, videos and GIFs all work when presenting with our Slido for Google Slides add-on.

Read more about the limitations which can be fixed by installing our Chrome extension.



Add live polls and Q&A to your presentation

In the side-bar, you can Add a live poll, Add a quiz or Add a Q&A slide.



An #eventcode meant for your participants to join the Slido event will be added to all of your slides in the upper right corner when presenting.


For polls and quizzes:

A new slide will be created. Your polls will be automatically activated once you get to the right slide and your audience will be able to vote in real-time. 


For Audience Q&A:

A new slide will be created. Audience Q&A will be open throughout your whole presentation and the questions will be displayed once you get to the particular Q&A slide.



How to present with Slido


To start presenting your slideshow, remember to click the Present with Slido button in the sidebar.


If you're using our Chrome extension, you can use the regular Present button.


You can choose how to display your poll results:

  • Show immediately: The poll results are displayed as soon as you get to your slide with the poll.
  • Show on click: The poll itself is displayed automatically when you get to your slide with the poll. Advancing one more click will display the poll results (see the GIF below).
  • Do not show: The poll itself is displayed automatically when you get to your slide with the poll. Advancing one more click will take you to the next slide in your presentation without showing the poll results.




Ask your audience to join

The #eventcode for your participants to join the event is displayed either in your sidebar or on all your slides in the upper right corner while presenting.

Ask your audience to enter the #eventcode at to join the event. They will then be able to vote in the polls and participate in the Q&A.


Access settings

If you need to access your event settings to adjust Slido features or set up branding and customization for your event, simply click the Gear icon in your sidebar and open Settings. The same works for Exports, if you wish to download your data after the event.

Slido admin will then open in a new tab.


It is currently not possible to unlink a Slido event from the Google Slides presentation, but you can reuse the event or add a new session to your presentation.



We’ve prepared the following list of the most common issues that can occur and how to fix them:

  • The sidebar says “Drive refuses to connect”.
    Solution: Log out of Chrome and log in again. Alternatively, you can try to use the same Google account in both Google Drive and Chrome.
  • I can’t see the add-on or I only see Help in the menu.
    Solution: Refresh the Google Slides presentation and make sure you’ve installed the add-on to the Google account that you use for presentations.
  • I opened my .pptx file in Google Slides, but I can’t see the add-on
    Solution: In Google Slides, create a “blank” presentation. Then, click File > Import Slides and Upload the preferred PowerPoint presentation from your computer. Then, select all slides you want to import to Google Slides. 
  • I can’t log in to the add-on. It just keeps loading.
    Solution: Create a new Google Slides presentation or Make a copy of the existing one and log in there.
  • The sidebar says the presentation is linked to another account and I can’t log in.
    Solution: Make a copy of the Google Slides presentation. Either someone else created Slido in the presentation or you created it with a different account.
  • I can’t install the Chrome extension to my account.
    Solution: See if your company admin can help you with the installation and share with them this guide.

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2 replies


Hi @Doris , 

This looks related to a temporary issue we had with Google Slides yesterday that is now fixed. If you refresh the slides, you shouldn’t have any more issues with the sidebar.

If you are still having issues, I would recommend getting in touch with our amazing customer care team. You can start a live chat from your slido admin page, or alternatively, get in touch at

Hope this helps!

Hello ! My issue is the following one :


You do not have permission to call Session.getActiveUser. Required permissions:


Many thanks in advance !