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  • 24 August 2020
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Adding Slido to your Microsoft Teams meeting allows your audience to submit and upvote questions, vote in polls, or participate in surveys and quizzes directly in the Teams meeting window during your call.

This integration is available in all our plans.

Watch our video guide or follow the step-by-step tutorial below:


If you have any questions or problems regarding the integration, check out our FAQ article.

In this article:


Essential requirements and current limitations

To start, here are the essential requirements and current limitations of the Microsoft Teams integration: 

  1. Both administrators and participants need to use the Microsoft Teams Meetings desktop app.
  2. Only the organizer of the Microsoft Teams meeting can add Slido to the specific meeting. They need to be either the admin or guest of the Slido event they’re adding to Microsoft Teams.
  3. Organizers need to invite at least one participant to the Teams meeting before adding Slido.
  4. Only participants within the same Microsoft Teams organization will see the Slido sidebar. External participants will not see Slido in Microsoft Teams.
  5. Microsoft Teams Live events is not supported yet.
  6. Microsoft Teams Channel meetings are not supported yet.
  7. It is not possible to log in to Microsoft Teams with Webex credentials.

​​​​​​​Add Slido to your Teams meeting


You can now integrate Slido with your Microsoft Teams meeting in advance using Teams Calendar or Outlook, or during the meeting:

Using Microsoft Teams calendar to add Slido 

Before you can add Slido to your meeting, please first schedule the meeting, invite at least one participant to it and then hit Save. Afterwards, open the meeting by clicking Edit.

You can then add Slido to your meeting:

  1. Click the + button in the menu bar and choose Slido

  2. Log in with your Slido account or sign up

  3. Choose whether you wish to create a new Slido event or use an already existing one


Using Outlook to add Slido 

Before you can add Slido to your meeting, you’ll need to schedule the meeting first.

Once done, open the meeting in Teams Calendar to add the Slido app:

  1. Click the + button in the menu bar and choose Slido

  2. Log in with your Slido account or sign up

  3. Choose whether you wish to create a new Slido event or use an already existing one

If you don’t see Slido among the apps, please contact your IT department as there might be restrictions in place and Slido app needs to be whitelisted.



Please note that you have to add Slido individually to each meeting where you want to use it.


Adding Slido to an ongoing Teams meeting

To add Slido during a Teams meeting, you can use the Add an app button.
Once the meeting starts:

  1. Click on the + button on the menu bar
  2. Select Slido from the list
  3. Log in to your Slido account or sign up
  4. Select your existing Slido event or create a new one

Adding Slido to an ongoing Teams meeting

For each meeting, Slido needs to be added individually. 

If you don’t see Slido among the apps, please contact your IT person to whitelist the Slido app.


Prepare your meeting

Afterwards, you can set up your polls and Q&A session as needed, the same way as if you were in Slido admin.



Collaborating on a meeting

Would you like to have several people control Slido as admins via our Microsoft Teams integration? If so, make sure you’ve added them as collaborators to the respective Slido event using our Share access feature.

Each user with admin access to a Slido event will also have admin access within the integration. This works both before the Teams meeting (in the tab) and during the Teams meeting (in the sidebar).



Run your meeting


If you’ve added Slido to your Teams meeting, the audience can see it on the right-hand side after clicking on the Slido button. The admin interface is visible only to you.


During the meeting, Slido is visible both to you and the participants directly in the window during your call.

You can manage the event and the participants can interact with it without the need to switch the windows or apps.

This is how the integration works for your participants:



Use Slido outside of the meeting

If you want to collect questions in advance or after the meeting is over, you can add Slido to your Microsoft Teams channel

Create or select an event and other channel members can ask and upvote questions directly there, as shown below:



To access the Slido poll results from the meeting or run a feedback survey, you can open Slido from the meeting invite on the Teams calendar:

1. Open the meeting invite
2. Select Slido from the apps list


Remove Slido from Microsoft Teams


To remove Slido from your Microsoft Teams meeting, click on the three-dot menu from the sidebar and choose Remove.

Remove Slido from the Microsoft Teams sidebar

Similarly, to remove Slido from your Teams channel, right click on the Slido icon in the top menu bar and choose Remove.

Remove Slido from your Teams channel



Curious about more?





65 replies

We have a policy with 2 users that have all apps enabled.

Our Global Policy does not have Slido enabled.

I can add the slido app in my Teams-Meetings but the users who are on the Global policy never see the app appear in the meeting. Is there a setting in Teams-Admin Center I am missin that needs to be enabled for all other users to see Slido?


Trying the Teams integration with a slido event where SAML SSO is configured.

Two issues:

  • people are suggested to log in their email used for Teams or even automatically logged in
  • the SSO option is not available to login

So my question: is SAML SSO in the Slido Teams app ?



Hi team,


I would like to ask about Live Event in Microsoft teams. Is Slido support Live event?


Thank you.

Art Point

Hello Slido Community,

i have a problem, if I try to login into slido(Webex-Licensed) in MS Teams after added to the meeting, the slido tab is blank. 

Also if try it in a ongoing meeting it is blank, but the participant can see the app in the side panel. The Host view is blank.


Hi @spierce 

Just to double-check, did the participants meet the following criteria?

  • Using Desktop client of the app
  • Logged in with their company accounts

If so, I believe there might some IT setting on your end that’s blocking them from seeing the App and perhaps they need some additional whitelisting. 

Hi @EPO 

Sorry to hear about this issue.

We had a bug with SSO a while ago which might’ve caused this to happen.

If the issue still persists, can you please contact our support team at for further assistance? 

Hi @Art Point 

At the moment, we don’t support Live events and there’s no ETA for this either. 

Hi @Inbal 

At the moment, we don’t support the Webex login method for our Microsoft Teams integration. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Hi @Inbal 

At the moment, we don’t support the Webex login method for our Microsoft Teams integration. Apologies for the inconvenience. 


Is there any future plans? It is still not working in MS Teams. Our users are not amused.

Hello @Inbal,

Unfortunately, the Webex login method still doesn’t work in Microsoft Teams. The rough timeline for fixing this is either the end of this calendar year or the beginning of the next one. 

I apologize for the inconvenience caused, I understand that this is really frustrating. 

Can we remove the automated message that shows up in the Teams meeting chat when you add a Slido?


When I add Slido to a Teams Outlook meeting, a new chat message shows up in Teams:


Hi there! You have added Slido as a tab to your meeting. To continue, open your Meeting settings or use Slido directly during your meeting. Check out this quick video or our guide for more information.”


Everyone sees this. For a meeting that is a large number of participants (100s+ people) and 2-3 weeks in advance, I do not want them to receive this notification.

Hi @kathym,

This behavior is on the side of Teams rather than on the side of Slido.

The message can be turned off when adding Slido using the “Do not post about this tab” option. Can you please uncheck this option when adding Slido? 

I hope this helps! 


Hi Slido,

My attendees cannot see the poll results in Teams.  I either have to share my screen and show the results in Slido or just tell everyone the results.  It’s not ideal.  I have clicked the toggle to Hide/Show results, but they still don’t see them.  Any thoughts?

HI Team, 

Is there anything in place for assistance with sight impairment ?



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Hi @Ali Taylor,

VoiceOver, available on Mac computers, works on our standalone web version and also on the MS Teams integration. If you are using the Teams integration on a Windows computer, you could try JAWS

For more information on accessibility, take a look at this article.

Hope this helps :) Let me know if you have any further questions.