Are there any limitations in Slido for PowerPoint?

  • 1 October 2020
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Slido for PowerPoint is a new integration that we announced on Oct 1, 2020. This article includes the current list limitations that we’re updating regularly.

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Here's a list of limitations to keep in mind when using Slido for PowerPoint:

  • Swapping screens in Presenter view - Using the swap screen feature in Presenter view will not correctly display the Slido screen. You will need to move your PowerPoint window to the screen where you want the slideshow to appear.
  • Slido polls won’t load if you add Music to your slides and set it to play automatically when the slide is shown.
  • PowerPoint Online and Viewer - The online and viewer version of PowerPoint are not currently supported. You won’t find the Slido button in the menu there.
  • Zoom controls - When displaying the results of polls or participant questions, the Zoom control bar disappears. It will reappear once you leave the Slido slide.
  • Sharing PowerPoint on Microsoft Teams - When sharing screen on Teams, select the PowerPoint app or Desktop. The option to share the PowerPoint file directly through Teams with PowerPoint Live is not supported.
  • Authenticated proxy - If you corporate network requires to use proxy with authentication we currently does not support this setup.
  • OpenDocument Presentation files (.odp) are not supported.


Minimum requirements


If you wish to use our PowerPoint integration, your computer has to meet the following minimum requirements.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and later
  • Windows 10 2004 and later
  • .NET Framework 4.6.2


Unsupported Slido features


Some of the Slido features that can't be used with our PowerPoint integration:

  • Ideas - Slido Ideas are currently not supported by Slido for PowerPoint

Curious about more?


6 replies

Is survey poll supported in Slido for PowerPoint beta?
Looks like that only the title of survey poll will be displayed in PowerPoint but not the survey questions or results. Please kindly share the insights if this is a known limitation or if there is a solution to this already. Thanks!


Hi @Yanling,

Yes, surveys are supported in Slido for Powerpoint. You are right that when you are presenting in Powerpoint, you will see the survey title first. To see the results, you then need to either click on the slide or press an arrow key. This will show the results of individual questions in the survey. Here is a short video which illustrates how it works

I hope this helps :) Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi @Maggie from Slido 

Thanks for sharing this info. I’m currently trying to make this work, and all that happens is the presentation moves to the next slide. It doesn’t look like what you have linked to in the video. Instead I have a splash screen that says “ Start presenting to display the poll results on this slide.” while I’m presenting… could you offer any insight here, please?


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Hi @Humanity'sPeril,

Just jumping in for Maggie :) 

It seems like this problem requires a bit of troubleshooting, which is much easier through either opening a chat (available Mon-Fri), or emailing this thread to and our Customer Care team can assist you faster.

Please let me know if there’s anything else that I can help you with in the meantime!

Hi Alex,


Thank you very much! I’ve reached out to support and it appears, as I’m using a work laptop, that my “Proxy Authentication” hasn’t been changed to allow Slido to operate properly. I’m waiting for IT to make the necessary changes.

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Thank you so much for posting an update here as well! Hope it’ll be all fixed for you soon :)