Use Slido with Zoom Webinars (beta)

  • 24 August 2020
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We'll be turning off our Zoom Webinars integration (beta) on January 31st.


If you're using Zoom Webinars for your remote meetings, you can easily integrate it into your Slido event. You can then get instant feedback from your participants who don't need to switch between tabs or devices, and they can easily join your meeting via Slido in a browser!


In case you're using Zoom Meetings, there is no integration available yet. For now, we suggest sharing your screen with Slido during the meeting. Read more about how to run Slido during remote events and meetings.


Zoom integration is currently in beta version and does not support webinars registration or gallery view of panelists. 


In this article:

  • Add Zoom Webinar to Slido
  • Before the webinar
  • Run your webinar
  • Current limitations


To integrate Slido with Zoom Webinars, you need to add your Zoom webinar link into Slido event.


First, log in to your Slido account and create an event:

  1. Click Schedule event (or Create event) button
  2. Adjust its name, dates and event code
  3. Click Schedule/Create event

​​​​​Once you created the event, you can insert the Zoom Webinar link into it.




Add Zoom Webinar to Slido


In your Zoom account, create your Zoom Webinar and copy its link to join. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Slido Event settings
  2. Go to Integrations and turn on Live Video
  3. Select Zoom
  4. Paste your Zoom Webinar link and click Add
  5. Save the settings




Before your webinar


Here's what you can do before your webinar:

  1. Prepare your Slido event with Q&A, polls, and quizzes
  2. Share the event with your audience
  3. Invite panelists and co-hosts


Prepare your Slido event


To keep your audience engaged, you can create a bunch of polls or a quiz for them. To kick-off your webinar, you can get everybody on board with a simple or fun warm-up poll. They will be more likely to ask a question or submit their responses for more serious topics afterwards.


Are you using slides during your webinar? You can use our integration with Google Slides or PowerPoint to have everything in one place.


Go to the Live polls tab and choose your poll type to create your polls. Or, you can browse our poll templates to get inspired. If you need a more detailed tutorial, our Create a poll, survey, or quiz article might be of great help.




If you're doing the Q&A during your webinar, you can turn the moderation on. This feature allows you to filter out irrelevant or inappropriate questions. You can do it either via a secondary device, or you can share access to your event with a co-host that will help moderate the questions while you go through the content.


To learn more about how to moderate your Q&A's, highlight the questions that's been asked, mark it as answered, or label questions, go to the Manage audience questions article.




Share the event with your audience


To share your event link with participants, you can either copy it from the Event settings or click the “Share” button in the top right corner of your Admin page.


You can then send it via email or share it in your preferred platform.




If you're integrating your Zoom Webinar into Slido, your attendees are joining your event or meeting through Slido. There's no need to share your Zoom ID or URL with them.

How it works for your participants:


Once your attendees follow the link, they will be asked to enter their names and emails when joining the event. They will see Zoom Webinar and Slido Polls, Questions, or Quiz in the same window of their browser.


Here's an example:



Invite panelists and co-hosts


To invite speakers, use the Edit option in the Panelists tab in your Zoom Webinar to make sure they can easily join the conversation on the day of the webinar. To add co-hosts, click the "Edit the webinar" button and scroll down to see the option to add them.


They will join via Zoom Webinar ID or URL.


Run your webinar


As a host, you are running your webinar using the standard Zoom desktop application (Zoom client) to have access to features such as recording or attendee list.

Here are some tips for running your webinar:

  • Get ready
    Start your Zoom Webinar in Zoom ahead of time and ask your panelists to join. They will use the Zoom Webinar ID or URL
  • Manage Slido from a secondary device
    Log in to your Slido account on a secondary device and manage questions and polls from there
  • Share your screen via Zoom to display your slides and Slido Present mode
    Display Slido Present view via Zoom screen share when there is a poll/quiz or during the Q&A
  • Run a warm-up poll
    Run an ice-breaker poll at the beginning of your Webinar while waiting for participants to join.

Learn more about how to run Slido during a remote meeting or webinar.


Current limitations


The integration currently does not support:

  • Webinars with enabled registration
  • Gallery view of panelists. The active speaker will only appear for the audience.
  • Promote attendees to panelists function
  • Allow attendees to talk function
  • Microsoft Edge versions not based on Chromium
  • Internet Explorer 11


Useful tips:

  • Tip 1: Lock Q&A until your webinar starts
    With event link, your participants can join the Slido event anytime, event before your webinar starts. To prevent your participants from sending questions in advance, lock questions by clicking the "adjust" icon in the Audience Q&A tab. You can unlock them again when you're ready to start.


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