Warm welcome and introductions 👋

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Hi everyone and welcome to Slido Community!


My name is Alex and I’m a Community Manager here at Slido 👋


We’re excited to co-create this space with all of you - our Slido users, fans and partners to collaborate, share knowledge and network with each other.


To start things off - please introduce yourself in the threads below, share a little bit about yourself, where you work, what’s your role and how you use Slido 🤗


This is a great way for all of us to get to know one another! 

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Thank you so much. 


I am Philippe , 


I will be with you next time for a discussion. Right now I only want to use the poll for an AGA.

Hi ,

I am Donatella I am a beginner Slido user ...I hope to earn it in the best way .Just attending some training.

Perhaps I will make some questions soon :)

thx all .

I’m Artur. I’m a beginner Slido user and I’d like to learn more about Slido with goal to drive engagement during webinars and classroom training that we deliver in our organisation.

I am very happy to participate in this community.
I am a Webex user and I can see that from now on we will be more entertained and willing to participate in these more lively Webex sessions.
And who I am: Gustavo Majano Instructor at the Cisco Academy in Venezuela.

Greetings, I am Kevin. Trying to get the best understanding if this system. And looking to use it in my organization.…




Hi! My name is wenyu, I am from Taiwan and I am a university teacher


I am Vikas, from Grad Sch Medicine.

I am post MD doctoral researcher.

I am new to this platform, I hope I can use make most of offerings.


Regards to all!

Hi! My name is wenyu, I am and I am a university teacher

from Taiwan +1

Hello everyone. My name is syed. I am a medical doctor in the UK with a passion in education and experience sharing amongst clinicians and patients. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope I am able to utilize Slido in making a more lasting impression in my presentations. Thank you. 

Hello everyone! I’m Clarizza from the Philippines. Beginner Slido user 🙂 I’ve been using Slido for some of my presentations / training/ meetings. Hoping to maximize it’s use specially in team building or setting the mood 🙂 Thank you!

Hi - My name is Pete and I use SLIDO within PowerPoint to deliver fire safety training in the NHS

Hi - my name is Gerhard and I am going to use Slido during my webinars to generate feed-backs.  

Hello my name is Kleio, I am assistant peofessor in Socail Work in Public Health, at the HMU, Crete, Greece!!!

So nice to be part of this group

Hi, I’m Memo from Miami, I’m an actor that loves helping other actors, so I often give presentations or seminars. I’m tryiing to use Slido on my next one.

Hi everyone.

I'm Abiodun Mustapha

It's great to be here

Hi there 

I’m Benedicta Etornam Quarshie 





I we are The White Hatter, digital literacy and internet safety education specialist company facilitating workshops and providing presentations on technology safety and privacy subjects.

The White Hatter is the brand icon of Personal Protection Systems Inc. a company established in 1993. Our mission is to provide students, teachers, parents, adults, businesses, and law enforcement with the knowledge and tools necessary in today’s digital world.


my name is also Alex (in full Aleksejs). I am a school teacher and lector at the university. I would like to use Slido for my lessons.

Good luck!

Hola a Tod@s