What are Event Analytics?

  • 24 August 2020
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Slido event analytics provide an easy way to view and analyze data collected throughout your event. They let you track participants’ engagement, discover popular topics and find the most influential participants. Use these insights to learn what resonates with your audience, build reports and compare your events.

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​​​​​​​Access your Analytics

To see event data:

  1. Log in to your Slido account and select your event

  2. Click the Analytics tab

If you have multiple rooms in the event, you can either view analytics for the entire event or you can filter data by room. To filer analytics by room, click on All rooms and select a room or change the room in the top right corner.

Exploring event analytics in your admin


We would recommend accessing event analytics after your event has finished. Simply open a past event and click on the Analytics tab.


Understand your Analytics 


Analytics overview

At the top of your Analytics page, you will find a dashboard summarizing the most important statistics from your event.


Engaged participants

This section of the dashboard shows the level of participant engagement for your event overall.

Annotated example of engaged participants analytics

In this example, 7 participants submitted a question, 4 participants upvoted or downvoted a question, 20 participants voted in at least one poll and 70% of all joined participants engaged with the event.

Q&A engagement

This section of the dashboard shows how participants interacted with the Q&A.

Annotated example of Q&A engagement analytics

In this example, there were 3 anonymous questions and 8 questions in total. There were 0 questions marked as highlighted/answered. All 8 questions were unanswered. There was a total number of 7 upvotes and 0 downvotes. Out of all participants, only 14% engaged with the Q&A.

Poll engagement

This section of the dashboard shows how much participants interacted with polls in your event.

Annotated example of poll engagement analytics

In this example, there were 35 votes in all polls, 10 polls received at least one vote and there were 4 votes in each poll on average. Out of all participants, 40% engaged with polls.


Q&A Insights

This section of the Analytics tab shows the most upvoted questions and generates a word cloud of the most popular topics mentioned at your event.


Insights Dashboard 

You can also analyze the sentiment of questions asked. Find out more here.

Poll results

This section of the Analytics tab shows a summary of results from polls in the event. 

Poll Results from the analytics tab


Download your Q&A Insights in an image

You can now easily download the images of your Q&A Word Cloud and the Question sentiment to share with other teams. This can be done by selecting the download button in the top right.


Download Word Cloud and Question sentiment as an image



Export your Analytics

To format your data and analyze it further, you can export it from the top of the Analytics page. Check out our tutorials for exporting your data and working with it:


Exporting analytics is only available on our paid plans.


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I’m putting together some quizzes in Slido to use as part of some online training. I’m on a ‘Basic’ level account, meaning that each quiz is held in a separate event due to the 1 quiz per event limit. As I develop the questions to fine-tune the wording and time limits, I’m doing some ‘dummy runs’ with a colleague and/or myself on my phone.

The problem I’m running into is that each time I do one of these dummy runs through the quiz, my number of participants (as assessed in the analytics information for participants and polls) increases even after resetting the quiz poll item. This means that each event/quiz will show a several ‘fake’ inactive participants in the analytics afterwards compared to the actual number of participants.

The only way of resetting this participant count that I can figure out is to duplicate my event and delete the original (which will then break any guest collaborator links). Can anyone recommend how to reset the participants/other analytics history for an event?




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Hey @StuartBarlow,

At the moment, there is no way to reset the participant count in event analytics. The only way to get a ‘clean’ participant count is to duplicate the event, as you mention.

If you’re worried about crossing the participant limit, our events allow for up to 10% above the limit so if you have a couple of ‘fake’ participants that cross the limit, you will be fine :)

Hope this helps :)