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  • 24 August 2020
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The questions that were answered or that you don't need to see anymore can be hidden from the Present mode and the Participant mode. You can do so either by clicking the Mark as answered or Archive buttons. In both cases, you can still access the questions in the Archive tab. You'll be able to see which questions have been answered and which have not.


In this article:


Mark question as answered


  1. Go to Live questions
  2. Hover over the question and click the Mark as answered button. This will hide the question and move it to the Archive.



Archive a question


To archive a question without labelling it as answered:

  1. Go to live questions
  2. Hover over the question you wish to archive and click the Archive button


Archive all questions


Archive all questions at once by clicking the Archive all button in the Live questions.



Access archived questions

In the Archive tab you can view and access all questions that you archived, marked as answered or deleted.



Restore archived questions

Archived questions can be restored from the Archived tab by clicking the Restore button. They will re-appear live in the Present mode.

  1. Go to Archive tab
  2. Hover over the question and click the Restore button


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Can participants see archived questions? Do they also see the archive tab on their screen? 

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Hey @A15,

No, participants can’t see archived questions. You can only see them when you open Slido admin.

To see how participants see Slido, simply open your event and click on ‘Participant mode’ on the left-hand side.

Opening participant mode in Slido admin

Hope this helps! :)