Is it possible to moderate a word cloud?

  • 9 September 2021
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Hey Slido Community,

I am putting together a training presentation and was hoping to include the word cloud question.

I love that they display the answers and as the more popular repeated answers/key words get mentioned they grow in size. 

However, is there a function that allows us to approve/vet the answers before they appear on the word cloud? Our higher ups voiced concerns about the possibility of people entering whatever they want (disparaging, abusive and or harassing comments) 


Thank you.


3 replies

I made a world cloud and I obtain the same answer but written in different ways. Is there any way I can correct it?

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Hi @Nuno FG,

Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to edit responses in a Word cloud poll.

You can delete individual answers though, so maybe if you have enough words written correctly, you can get rid of the words that are written in different ways?


Please let me know if that helps!

I’ll make sure to submit this as a feature request.

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Hi @Aidan B,

Yes, you are able to delete incoming responses if you think they are abusive or harassing in any way. 

Once you activate the poll, you’ll see all the responses coming in on the right side of your admin screen and if you hover over them, you can see a little trash can icon on the right and can easily delete the responses that you deem inappropriate. 

You can read more about moderating the responses here, under “Moderating entries in a word cloud”.


On top of that, we have a profanity filter on by default for content that appears on Slido, this mean that if someone uses a word that is either vulgar or simply inappropriate, it automatically goes to trash and never shows on the screen or in your admin. 


Let me know if you have any other questions :)