Polls like election vote

  • 25 January 2022
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I need to made a poll where the voter is known but his vote is not.

I explain better, is a sort of election were I need to know who is the colleague that voted to avoid double vote but I do not want to see what is his vote, at the end I need only the sum of the vote.

3 replies

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Hi @StefyIT,

The best way to see who voted but not how they voted would be to use the ‘Require name’ setting and then to remind participants to vote anonymously. You would first need to open your privacy settings and select ‘Require authentication’ and ‘Require name’. This will ask participants to enter their name before they can join the event. Then, when they are voting, you will need to remind them to switch to ‘Voting as Anonymous’ which they can see below the poll. This will completely anonymise the results.

Just by the way, participants can’t vote twice unless they open the event in another browser or device. Their browser remembers that they voted and it does not let them vote again.

I hope this helps :) Let me know if you have any further questions.

@Maggie from Slido would it be possible to implement optional setting to show not only percentage but also number of votes each choice has collected? I know you can extract this from analytics report, but this would be very helpful in such election meetings when you need to announce how many votes each candidate has received.

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Hi @Gytis,

Yes, you can display the number of votes instead of the percentage using this tutorial.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else :)