URGENT: Line spacing in questions (present mode)

  • 13 April 2022
  • 3 replies

How do i format in the question when i want a space between sentences (line spacing)   for a question in the present mode… Seems like on the editing screen, I can do that, but when it goes to the present mode and live survey, all the spaces and sentences are crunched together.   This is urgent.   Thx. Will

3 replies

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Hi @wpowley

Hope it’s not too late! 

Could you please share a bit more details on your case? It would be great if you could add an example of a poll with spacing you’re adding. 

I did some testing and added a poll like bellow and everything seems to reflect correct. 


However, it might not work this way if you want to add spacing between single words in a sentence. Is that your case? 

For urgent cases, please always refer to out Customer Care team at or by opening up a chat with them - it’s the best course of action if you’re limited by time. 


I have the same “need”.

I would like to have a line break (empty line) between the sentences in the question part, to make it more easy to read.

shift+enter add a space, in the editing part, but is not visible in the presentation mode.

Is there a specific code (like in HTML) that can be used?



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Hi @Radu,

Just came across your question - sorry for the late answer!

Unfortunately, formatting is currently not possible with Slido and there’s no workaround.

It is definitely on our radar so I’ll make sure to submit this to our Product Team!