URGENT: Line spacing in questions (present mode)

  • 13 April 2022
  • 2 replies

How do i format in the question when i want a space between sentences (line spacing)   for a question in the present mode… Seems like on the editing screen, I can do that, but when it goes to the present mode and live survey, all the spaces and sentences are crunched together.   This is urgent.   Thx. Will

2 replies

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Hi @wpowley

Hope it’s not too late! 

Could you please share a bit more details on your case? It would be great if you could add an example of a poll with spacing you’re adding. 

I did some testing and added a poll like bellow and everything seems to reflect correct. 


However, it might not work this way if you want to add spacing between single words in a sentence. Is that your case? 

For urgent cases, please always refer to out Customer Care team at or by opening up a chat with them - it’s the best course of action if you’re limited by time. 


I have the same “need”.

I would like to have a line break (empty line) between the sentences in the question part, to make it more easy to read.

shift+enter add a space, in the editing part, but is not visible in the presentation mode.

Is there a specific code (like in HTML) that can be used?