Is there way to use Slido in Presenter View with Google Slides?

  • 21 October 2021
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I’m testing Slido with Google Slides and cannot seem to get the presenter view to work and use Slido at the same time. Is it possible?

8 replies

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Hi @Angie

Just to be on the same side - did you install the Add-on and add Slido to your Google Slides? If not, please go through these steps

If you have Slido added to your presentation, could you share:

  • A bit more on when exactly the presenter view doesn’t work with Slido?
  • What steps are you taking, what’s your setup?
  • What exactly is not working - does anything appear, or is there anything blocking you?

I know it’s a lot questions, but it will be easier to advise on the next steps and understand what’s happening. 

Thank you!

Hi Francesca,

Thanks for the reply. I have installed both the Add-on and the extension. I have also added Slido to the presentation. I can visit the slido website and answer questions so it is all working well except for the presenter view. Let me explain more.

When I need to start a slide show, Slido says I must use Slido in order for their slides to work. I have two buttons to choose from - Googles And Slidos. When I choose the green slido button, I can present the slideshow from the beginning OR I can present the slideshow from the current slide. There is no option to open presenter view. When I use this green Slido option, the slideshow starts and takes up my entire screen. When I hit escape to leave the entire screen, the slideshow ends.

When I present with Google, I am offered two options (see photo below)


Presenter view allows me to see my notes while everyone else sees only slides. This is what I am trying to accomplish with Slido.

I would like to accomplish the same thing using Slido.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give.

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Hi @Angie

Thanks for getting back to me and for the details. I understand now. 

So, when running your slides with Slido, it’s only possible with the fullscreen view. It takes the entire screen, just like you noticed. Hence, you won’t be able to see your notes. :( 

From personal experience, I would suggest using a secondary device, a smartphone or tablet and have your presentation there with the notes. Definitely saved me a couple times in the past! 

I know it’s not as smooth as having everything in once place, but hopefully it could work for you.



Hey! I’d first like to thank Francesca for so clearly describing the issue users are facing. And I’d like to bump this issue, and confirm that it is affecting several of your users. 

Yes! would LOVE if this were possible! 

+1 presenter mode is one of the most basic required features for any presentation software. The slido presenter is a complete non-starter until this is in. 

Having a second device is a no-go, as you need to advance both sets of slides together.

So it will have to be the less professional - switch between google presenter view (slides window) and the slido presenter window until it is implemented (which based on curt reply seems like no plans at this stage).


Really disappointed, did a tonne of changes to incorporate into a presentation and went to do a run through only to find we can’t use presenter view. This is how many presentations are managed and I’m so frustrated that at the 11th hour we now need to change the presentation. The whole point of incorporating it into the slide deck was to avoid having to switch programs so unfortunately having the notes on another device or printer is just not useful. 

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Hi @questionsquestionseverywhere

I’m really sorry to hear about your issues. Could you tell me a little bit more about your setup that is preventing you from using presenter view? 

Are you using our chrome extension and another screen? with another screen or device, you should be able to see your speaker notes whilst presenting. We also have troubleshooting for Google slides.

Our customer care team are available 24/5 to assist and look into this a bit more through live chat or by contacting

Hope this helps!