Share access and add collaborators to your Google Slides presentation

  • 24 August 2020
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If you need some help with Slido in your Google Slides presentation, users can simply request access to collaborate on polls and Q&A directly from Google Slides.


In this article:

  • Requesting access
  • Giving access
  • Inviting others

Requesting access


Users who would like to collaborate on your event need to have our Google Slides add-on installed. They can then easily request access via the add-on sidebar.

  1. Click on Add-ons
  2. Select Open the sidebar under Slido for Google Slides
  3. Request access



Users can request access to Slido from Google Slides only if you've already shared the presentation with them and Slido has been added to your slide deck.


Pro tip: Users who use our Slido Chrome extension will be automatically prompted to “Request access” after opening the presentation in Google Slides.


Giving access


Once the request has been sent, you (as the owner) should receive an email about the request. You can then grant access to the user with the Give access button.


Inviting others


Alternatively, your teammates can then add or edit live polls and audience Q&A after accepting your invitation to collaborate in their inbox. Changes will take place once they refresh the Google Slides presentation.

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