Integrate Slido with Microsoft Teams

  • 24 August 2020
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Adding Slido to your Microsoft Teams meeting allows your audience to submit and upvote questions, vote in polls, or participate in surveys and quizzes directly in the Teams meeting window during your call.


There’s no need for switching between apps or windows anymore!



Click “Show content” and watch our video guide below:



Important: The integration works only with the Microsoft Teams desktop native app (not via browser). Only Microsoft Teams meetings are supported (there’s no support for Teams live events yet).


In this article:

  • Add Slido to Microsoft Teams

  • Add Slido to your Teams meeting

  • Prepare your meeting

  • Run your meeting

  • Frequently asked questions


Add Slido to Microsoft Teams


To begin with, add Slido to Microsoft teams, either by using Microsoft AppSource or by opening Apps in your Teams.


Afterwards, please make sure that you have enabled Turn on new meetings experience under Microsoft Teams Settings → General


If you don’t see Slido among the apps, please contact your IT department as there might be restrictions in place and Slido app needs to be whitelisted.


Add Slido to your Teams meeting


Before you can add Slido to your meeting, please first:

  1. Schedule the meeting (either via the Microsoft Teams calendar or Outlook)
  2. Invite at least one participant to the meeting if it’s scheduled via calendar (not needed with Outlook)


Afterwards, open the meeting either by:

  • Clicking Edit (if the meeting’s been scheduled via the calendar)
  • OR by clicking Meeting options in the invite body (if the meeting’s been scheduled via Outlook - as shown below)



You can then add Slido to your meeting: 

  1. Click the + button in the menu bar and choose Slido

  2. Log in with your Slido account or sign up

  3. Choose whether you wish to create a new Slido event or use an already existing one

Please note that you have to add Slido individually to each meeting where you want to use it.



Prepare your meeting


Afterwards, you can set up your polls and Q&A session as needed. 



Run your meeting


If you’ve added Slido to your Teams meeting, the audience will automatically see it right next to the video call. The admin interface is visible only to you.


During the meeting, Slido is visible both to you and the participants directly in the window during your call.

You can manage the event and the participants can interact with it without the need to switch the windows or apps.

This is how the integration works for your participants:



Alternative solution: Collect questions outside of a meeting


If you want to collect questions outside of a meeting, you can add Slido to your Teams channel.


Create or select an event and other channel members can ask and upvote questions directly there, as shown below:



Frequently asked questions


Why does an organizer need to invite participants first, before being able to add Slido app as a tab?

You only have to invite someone if the meeting’s been scheduled using Teams Calendar. When scheduling it using Outlook Calendar, you actually don’t have to invite anyone. 


Is Teams extensibility (apps) going to be supported in Teams Live Events and other types of meetings?

Yes, meeting organizers will be able to add Slido in an ad-hoc (chat) meeting, channel meeting as well as Live events (the webinar product).


Curious about more?

34 replies


@mbruns I will set up a quick call with you to better understand what the cause might be.


@plizon That’s great to hear, if you could share the settings, that would be much appreciated! Thanks for the update

@plizon @martinkasa Could you please if you can add also third-party apps (not ones published by Microsoft itself)? 

We have also already requested the Slido Q&A app to be removed. 

@Martin we finally found what was wrong. Despite the fact i have full acess to all apps in teams, there is another option in teams back-office that, by default, disable all new apps. The new Slido App was in this case ! My teams admin re-enable this app and voilà !

For those interested this is this setting :

@mbruns Sorry to hear this - are you able to add any other third-party apps?

Yes, and Slido is also already there as a tab in my Team. But we can’t add slido to a meeting and use it inside a meeting.



@plizon @martinkasa Could you please if you can add also third-party apps (not ones published by Microsoft itself)? 

We have also already requested the Slido Q&A app to be removed. 


@mbruns Sorry to hear this - are you able to add any other third-party apps?

Hi there

I am unable to find Slido amongst the Teams apps and I wasn’t able to add it through the Microsoft App store either. Can you advise what might be the issue - our company perhaps not allowing it or could there be some technical problem?



Hello, where is the problem when app store in teams only show Slido Q&A (the old version of the Slido App) ?

I have full rights on all apps in teams, the the problem is elsewhere. Is it a problem a teams admin can fix, or is it on Microsoft side ?

Hello, i have rights to access all apps in teams, but slido app is not the latest version. I still find Slido Q&A app. Is it a Microsoft related problem ? How can i fix it ?

@hondosan Sorry to hear that, could you please confirm if you have the “New meeting experience” turned ON in the settings? Thank you!

Same experience in my case than @hondosan and @quyntess have.

“New experience” is actiavted, admin rights are granted, another colleague ist invited but there is no “+”-button to add Slido to any meeting. Unfortunately.



@ruthn1963 Sorry for the inconvenience. Would you mind if we connected this week so I can learn more about your use case and what exactly went wrong when you’re adding an app? Thank you

seems this doesn’t really work very well. Can’t use it if you have people outside your organisation (I realise this is a Microsoft problem) makes no difference whose issue it is, that means it won’t work for any of my meetings 😞 I have to use the previous method using a tab -  I also have the same issue I add slido to a team and then get no + button - It worked when I tried it a couple of weeks ago but now it doesn’t. So frustrated :-( 


@tatasustainability - Sorry to hear you’re experiencing such an issue. In order to provide better support, I’ll connect with you to schedule a call, if that’s ok.


Thanks for being patient!


@Sean M. - This is unfortunately a limitation on Teams’ end, I will follow up with Microsoft if they’re planning to support external guests from a different organization too. Thank you for being patient and sorry for the inconvenience.


@hondosan Sorry to hear that, could you please confirm if you have the “New meeting experience” turned ON in the settings? Thank you!

Hi, we don't have a button in the menu bar. Do you know how to activate this? Already checked both web and teams app. Asked the IT guy but he couldn’t figure it out.



we have exactly the same problem. I have admin level access, we can integrate slido with any channel but not with meetings. Participants are added, we just don’t see the plus to add any app to the meeting. I don’t think this is slido specific. we have already contacted Microsoft support, but any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

The participants are not from the same organization.  I think that is the issue.  When I test with internal participants, it works as expected.  Unfortunately, it’s the external/guests that I wanted to target.


I’ve tried to use Slido via Teams today, but my participants didn’t see the poll with questions. What could be the issue?



@Sean M. - Could you please confirm if all participants are part of the same Teams organization and are properly signed in Teams? Thank you


@SimonF - As per Microsoft’s terms, federated and anonymous users don’t have access to these shared “resources”, including Meeting Apps.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I’m going to check with Microsoft if there’re any plans to change this.

I was able to add the app to the team, and to the meeting.  The admin view shows up properly during the meeting (I can see the questions, polls, etc), but none of the participants see the Slido app in their teams window/app.  It is the same thing in the Teams app on Windows 10, Teams web page (Chrome), and Teams app (Android).

“Turn on new meetings experience under Microsoft Teams Settings → General” is already enabled.


Any suggestions on what to check/do next?

Hi Slido

I am in organization X, installed Slido app and integrated into an MS Teams meeting. The Slido icon and integration worked perfectly from my colleagues in organization X.

But the attendees from organization Y could not see the icon. Organization Y is a different company, have their own MS Teams. There is external federation between the MS Teams of org X and Y.

My question is whether it just needs the IT administrator of MS Team of org Y to whitelist slido, or does the slido<>MS Teams integration only work if participant is on the same MS Teams tenant as the meeting host ?



Hi Plizon,


Admin in Teams is only visible to the meeting host. While you can invite guests to your Slido event to help you with the administration, this won't be reflected in the integration itself. In other words, Slido guest admins would need to access the event through, as they won't be able to administer it directly from Teams (only Teams host will).


I hope this helps.



Hi Slido Team, and what about co-managers of the event ? Is it still a feature that is possible in teams mode ? I was used to use the sharable link for my co-hosts.


Hi quyntess, sorry for the inconvenience. Just to confirm, are you able to add third-party apps as a tab in other channels? There might be a restriction on the Meetings side.