How to limit responses in Slido word cloud?

  • 13 December 2020
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Hi All

2 Questions please: I have the Professional subscription.

  1. I know I can allow users to select multiple word cloud answers but want to limit user responses to 3. How do I do that? Validation: cannot have 1 person answer 20x while another answers once.
  2. How do I request that users add their Name & Surname prior to taking word cloud poll so that I can see who answered the questions and in some cases which answer they selected?

1 reply


Hi @Shaun Van,

Thanks for your questions!


1 - Unfortunately, this isn’t possible at the moment but thanks a lot for the suggestion.

2 - To do this, please first enable “Require name” under Event settings → Privacy → Require authentication. With this option enabled, your participants will be asked to enter their names when joining the event. Once the event is over, you can go to Analytics → Export → Poll results per user. The generated spreadsheet will contain the info on who submitted which answer.


I hope this helps. :)