Activate a poll or a survey

  • 24 August 2020
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Once you create a poll or survey, you can let your attendees cast their votes by activating it.


You can also control polls directly from Slido Present mode.

In this article:

  • Activate a poll
  • Activate a survey


Activate a poll


Activating a poll also displays it on the presentation screen and smartphones, along with the results.

  1. Go to Live Polls
  2. Hover over your poll
  3. Click the play button



Activate a survey

Activating a survey automatically displays it on smartphones for your attendees to fill out. If you wish to show the results, you can do so only individually with each question by clicking the arrow next to it - this affects only the Present mode.

  1. Go to Live Polls
  2. Hover over your survey
  3. Click the play button
  4. Click the arrow button if you wish to show the results for a specific question on the Present mode



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