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  • 24 August 2020
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Slido allows you to add users to your annual plan for an additional fee so they can create their own events and benefit from all the features your license comes with.


Available in our Engage plan (Annual) and higher. 


In this article:



Add users to the license


Depending on your preferred option, our annual plans come with 1 - 5 admin seats. You (the account owner) can log in and start creating Slido events right away. If you want to add colleagues to your license, you can purchase additional admin seats, and invite them as users or admins depending on their future competencies.


Go to Pricing page to check the number of admin seats included in our plans.



To invite your colleagues to the license, or purchase additional seats:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select Team
  3. Click Invite or purchase



You can check, resend, or cancel pending and expired invitations in the Invitations tab.



Understanding roles: What’s the difference between an admin and a user?


All license members can by default create new events under the license but you can control their rights by setting a specific role for them.

  • Admin and Owner can both see, create, and edit events of all the other license members and update roles. Both can access the Organization settings, but only the Owner can access and change SSO settings.
  • User can only create and see their own events including event data, but can't see or access events created by other license members.


Roles overview:



Update roles and change member access


You can flexibly deactivate, reactivate, and remove members and set their roles according to your needs.

  1. In your account, go to the Team tab
  2. Click the three dots to open a menu next to the selected Team member



You can always deactivate or remove someone from your license and then add them back later. Or invite someone else if you need to.



Assign guests to a single event


Sometimes you just need someone to help you approve questions and activate polls. For this, you don’t need to purchase additional users and you can simply invite guests to your events.


Guests are users with limited rights to manage only one event at a time. They can’t access settings or create their own events. They can't see or access events or data of other members under the license.


To invite a guest and assign an event to them:

  1. In your account, go to the Team tab
  2. Click Invite and select Guest
  3. Assign an event to the guest



A deactivated user can't be invited as Guest and has to be either reactivated or completely removed from the Organization first.

Guest in roles overview:


You can find out more about guest competencies in the Share access to your event article.



Team Management analytics


In your Team tab, you can easily check who has created how many events and how much activity they generated. You can also see the last time each person has signed up.


You can also sort your account members by any of the columns available or filter account roles to be displayed.




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