Slido in Webex has a new look 🎉

  • 18 February 2022
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We made a few changes to Slido admin sidebar in Webex to improve your experience during meetings and webinars. 


Introducing new look of Slido sidebar in Webex

Updated 9 May: You can turn on the new sidebar by toggling on the option directly in Webex even today. We’re planning on making it live by default for everybody the last week of May. 


What’s new: 



Intuitive user experience and modern look

The new interface is designed specifically for use in Webex. It’s simplified and easy to navigate. If you’re yet to get to know Slido, tooltips and system messages will help you get the most out of it.

For dark mode lovers, we now have dark mode support. Accessibility requirements are also fully supported.

Old vs New look of Slido in Webex sidebar


New word cloud results (on the left) vs the old look


New polls design and results download


With redesigned polls, you can now see the word cloud the same way as your participants. Downloading poll results and Q&A directly from the sidebar is also possible.   



Download poll results option right in the sidebar via hamburger menu


Localization support

The default language is now set automatically based on the Webex setting.


Current limitations

For now, there are a couple of things that are not yet available in the new sidebar. We’ll be working on them in the upcoming weeks:

  • Images cannot be uploaded to a poll question.
    Coming soon. 
  • Multiple rooms cannot be created.

    We’re planning on adding this feature in the new design, too. 

  • Only the Slido name can be changed in Menu.
    If you want to edit the event code and dates, you can do so by signing into with your Webex credentials. 

You can switch back to the old view at any time, if you need images to work in the meantime. You can find the option at the bottom of the menu. 



We’d love to hear your feedback

The Slido team loves to hear from you! You can find a link to give us your feedback in the menu or you can email to

Feel free to share usability insights, feature ideas, comments about functionalities and limitations, or general feedback - all are welcome.



Inspiration for your internal documentation

We’ve prepared a variety of resources to help you start using new Slido sidebar in Webex and get the best out of it:

  • Starter Kit [pdf] - overview of resources and a comprehensive guide
  • Resources page - browse use cases, tutorials, gifs and more

Step-by-step guides for setting up Slido in Webex: 


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