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  • 24 August 2020
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Using the Questions feature, attendees can use their smartphones or computers to send their questions to Slido and easily upvote the best ones. It's a simple way to crowdsource the most popular topics at meetings or events and see what people are genuinely interested in the most.


Your participants can ask an unlimited number of questions. 


In this article:


In order to start crowdsourcing questions, you need to create a Slido event first. 


Ask your audience to join your event

Once you created an event, ask your audience to join it. The most common way to do this is to go to and enter the #eventcode of your event. Make sure the event dates you set up match the actual date as your participants can only use the event code during those dates. Alternatively, you can share the event link with them. 


Following the event link, your participants can ask questions right away and they’re not limited by any timeframe. 


Have the audience submit questions

Once your audience have joined the event, they can start submitting their questions. They can submit questions anonymously or with their name and they can upvote questions submitted by others.


Questions are sorted by their popularity, so the most popular ones appear on top. To modify the default settings, follow the Change the order of audience Q&A article


Manage audience questions

There are two main things you can do with questions as an admin:

  1. Highlight the question that’s being answered so that it gets more attention both on the Present and Participant modes
  2. Mark the question as answered once you don’t want to display it anymore. You can then view those questions in the Archive folder.

With some of our paid plans, you can also moderate questions, i.e. review them before they go live.



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