Share a link to your event, survey or poll

  • 24 August 2020
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Each poll or survey can be accessed via a unique direct permanent link. This is especially useful when you want to collect feedback after your meeting or event is over, or if you want your audience to fill out a poll outside the set event dates (and leave it open for a longer period of time).

If you want to share the whole Slido event, you can also do it via a direct link. 

In this article: 



To copy the direct link to your event: 

  1. In your event, hover over the Share button in the upper right corner
  2. Select Share link with participants

Then, just paste the link to your email or share it with your audience via an internal platform. 


Learn more about the way to invite participants to your event


Get a link to a specific poll or a survey


To get the direct link to your survey or poll:

  1. Createsurvey or a single poll
  2. Click the vertical dots on the right and select Share
  3. Copy the link and share it with your audience

By opening the link, the participants will immediately see the respective poll or survey. There’s no need to activate the poll before sending out the link.

Here’s an example of the poll direct link. Click it to see how it looks for participants:


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4 replies

I keep getting prompted for a passcode when clicking on a poll link.  The meeting # does not appear to be the passcode.  Thank you for any insight you can lend.  Btw, this even was a duplicate of another and we changed the meeting number to be unique.

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Hi @Deborah,

Some events are protected with a passcode to ensure an additional level of privacy. 

In order to access the event or a poll, you’ll need to get this passcode from your event/meeting organizer. This passcode can be found in Present view as well. 

To change this setting, you simply go to Settings > Privacy > Require authentication > and toggle off Require passcode. You can find a quick gif here.


Events duplicate with settings as well, so the reason why your other event required passcode was because its settings were duplicated too. Alternatively, you might have these privacy settings set on an Organization level. To change this, the owner of the license need to log in and go to Organization settings a follow the same steps as described above.

Please note that if you have a Webex Slido license, passcode authentication is turned on by default. 


Let me know if this makes sense or if you need any more help!

Hi Community, 


I have a questions. I would need to display a survey, user will answer it on their own time. Therefore I would have to use direct link. May I know can I have my answer displayed for each questions using direct link?


Hi @CloudExpo

To collect answers from a survey for participants to use in their own time, you can share a survey using a permanent link, you just need to make sure the event hasn’t expired. 

As for displaying the results of a survey, this isn’t possible if you are waiting for users to answer, a live poll would work better for this purpose. 

Hope this helps!  Alternatively, I would recommend getting in touch with our amazing customer care team. You can start a live chat from your slido admin page, or alternatively, get in touch at