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  • 18 November 2021
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You can reuse the Slido session linked to your PowerPoint presentation. This can be especially useful if you run recurring meetings, or for the trainers and the hosts who often use the same presentation for various sets of participants. 

We call Slido events linked to PowerPoint presentations “sessions.”

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Reset Slido session in PowerPoint


Deleting all responses and reusing your Slido session after the test round can be done in seconds. The reset session option from the sidebar will clear all the polls responses and archive the audience Q&A at once. 

In case you want to keep the questions and poll results, don’t forget to download the data prior to resetting the session. Alternatively, you can duplicate your session

To reset your session:

  1. In Slido sidebar, click on the hamburger menu icon
  2. Select “Reset session
Resetting a Slido session


Duplicate Slido session in PowerPoint

If you want to keep the results from your Slido session while keeping the same presentation, you can simply duplicate the Slido session.

This will create a new Slido session with a copy of all your polls and Q&A with zero data. It might be useful if you run recurring meetings or surveys such as monthly pulse checks and want to compare your results. 


To duplicate your session:

  1. In Slido sidebar, click on the hamburger menu icon
  2. Select  “Duplicate session


Duplicating a Slido session


The duplicated session will be active for 7 days, starting from the date of session duplication. 


Switch Slido session in PowerPoint

You can link a different Slido session to your presentation, be it an existing session or a new one.

Use this option if you’re a trainer or a host who wants to use a single presentation for various groups while having separate sets of results from each group.


To switch to a different session:

  1. In Slido sidebar, click on the hamburger menu icon
  2. Select “Switch session
  3. Choose the session you want to switch to or create a new one
Switching a Slido session



Duplicate your presentation

When duplicating the whole PowerPoint presentation, you’ll have two presentations connected to the same Slido session. 

If you’re copying and pasting your Slido interaction slides into another presentation, you will be able to select the Slido session you want to link the slides to from the sidebar.


Frequently Asked Questions related to reusing a Slido session in Google Slides

  • Is it possible to unlink a Slido session from my PowerPoint presentation?
    Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible. We recommend duplicating your slides and then switching to an existing session or a newly created one.


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