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  • 15 March 2021
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As an administrator, you can install Slido for Windows (PowerPoint Add-in) using our MSI file and do a bulk install for users in your organization. With available command line parameters, you can turn off update notifications for the end users or execute a silent installation.


In this article:

  • System requirements
  • Download the installer
  • Install Slido for Windows
  • Installing updates


System requirements


You need to meet the following system requirements to install Slido for Windows using our MSI file:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and later
  • Windows 7 SP1 and later (64-bit)
  • .NET Framework 4.6.2


Download the installer


You can download the installer on this link.


We currently support only 64-bit Windows operating system.


Install Slido for Windows


For bulk installations, you can use the MSI file with a third-party distribution software to bulk install Slido for Windows to selected users or computers.


Administrator permissions are required, as this is a per machine installation.


You can add the following command line parameter to disable update checks and prevent users from updating the Add-in to have full control over the update process.






0 = product will check for updates (default)


1 = update checks are disabled

Do not show notifications for the users to update to the new version of the Slido Add-in.


Example: msiexec /i C:\SlidoAdmin_x64_v0.18.0.msi DISABLE_UDPATE_CHECKS=1

Where “C:\SlidoAdmin_x64_v0.18.0.msi” is the path to the MSI file downloaded to the computer.


Silent installation

We support silent installation and all the other standard Windows Installer parameters (msiexec.exe) from the command line.


Example: msiexec /i C:\SlidoAdmin_x64_v0.18.0.msi /quiet


Installing updates


We regularly release updates to Slido for Windows but the major updates happen once in a quarter. To install the latest version of the Add-in, you can always find it on the link shared in the download section.


To find out what the latest version number is, you can visit and compare it by checking the original MSI download file stored on your computer.

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