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  • 8 July 2021
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You can use Slido live polling and Q&A directly in Webex Meetings with our seamless integration.

We’ve been gradually releasing the Webex integration to Slido and Webex users throughout the second half of 2021. If you do not have access yet, you can check the current status of the roll-out



Essential Requirements
Current Limitations
  • Q&A needs to be enabled in Webex for Google Slides and PowerPoint integrations to work. See the “Manage Audience Q&A” section of this article for instructions on how to enable Q&A.
  • Ideas need to be turned on in Slido admin


In this article:

  • Start your Webex meeting and open Slido
  • Create your polls
  • Launch and manage your polls
  • Manage Audience Q&A
  • Display Slido Present mode
  • How it works for the attendees
  • Export your data after the meeting


Watch the video tutorial or continue to the step-by-step guide below: 


Start your Webex meeting and open Slido

You can access Slido directly in your Webex meeting, regardless of whether it’s a scheduled meeting or an ad-hoc meeting using your Personal Meeting Room.

Once you’re in a Webex meeting, you can:

  1. Click the Apps button in the bottom right corner
  2. Select Slido

This will open a Slido sidebar where you can set everything up and control Slido as the Host of the meeting. 


Create your polls

Choose a poll type that you wish to use, add your question and either Save the poll for later or Launch it immediately.

If you want to ask multiple questions at once, you can create a Survey by clicking the folder icon at the top.


Launch and manage your polls

Once you’re ready to launch a poll, click the green Play icon next to it. 

Click the three dots next to a poll to access its additional settings, such as Edit, Duplicate or Delete.


You can then use the buttons at the bottom to Hide results, Lock voting or Deactivate the poll completely.


Manage Audience Q&A

Audience Q&A is disabled by default in Webex Meetings. If you want to use it, switch over to the Q&A tab and click Enable Q&A. 

If you also want to review incoming questions before making them appear live for everyone to see, you can also Turn on moderation under the Review tab. 

If you’re using moderation, you can either Approve or Dismiss incoming questions.

For the questions which are Live, you can Highlight the question that’s being addressed so that everyone is on the same page. Afterwards, you can Mark it as answered, which will move it into the Archive tab, leaving room for other unanswered questions.


Display Slido Present mode

If you wish to display Slido Q&A or live polling in a bigger format than just in the sidebar in your Webex meeting, click the green Present Slido in a new tab button in the upper right corner.

This will open the Slido Present mode in your browser and you can then Share your screen in Webex to display it to your attendees.

Displaying the Present mode is also useful if you want to share Slido joining instructions for those who can’t interact with Slido directly in the Webex meeting client.



How it works for the attendees



Once you launch a poll, Slido sidebar will automatically pop up for your attendees, inviting them to submit their votes. If you’re showing poll results, participants can see them after they submit their vote.

Survey results are visible only to the Host.



Audience Q&A

If you’re using Q&A, your attendees can simply submit their questions either anonymously or with their names. They can also upvote the questions they like which have been submitted by someone else. 

If you highlight a question, this will move it to the top of the list and show it highlighted in blue for the attendees.


Export your data after the meeting

If you wish to export the poll results or Q&A submissions once your meeting is over, you have to do so at

Make sure to Log in with Webex and then select the Slido event which you used during your meeting. Then, head over to the Analytics tab and then Export your collected data. 


Curious about learning more? 



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