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  • 24 August 2020
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A bit of competition can work like a charm to get your audience to pay attention and help them remember the presented information. Test knowledge of your participants or run a fun quiz during your event. 

This is how a typical Slido quiz is run:

  1. Create your quiz questions
  2. Edit quiz
  3. Activate the quiz to let your participants join
  4. Start the quiz to ask the first question
  5. Reveal the results for the first question
  6. Reveal the correct answer for the first question
  7. Proceed to the next quiz question
  8. Repeat steps 5 to 8
  9. Display leaderboard at the end of the quiz


Looking for a fun Christmas or Easter quiz for your family and friends? Browse our templates.



Create your quiz questions


To create a quiz:

  1. Go to Live Polls tab and select Quiz
  2. Type in your questions and options
  3. Mark correct answers in each question
  4. Enable timer

The quiz is a set of multiple-choice polls. You'll need to add at least two options for each quiz question and mark single or multiple correct answers.


We recommend keeping your quiz short and sweet, and under 30 questions for it to perform smoothly.


Quick tip: Running out of ideas for your quiz? Use the magic cube to add a random question.

Just hover on the next question and click the magic cube icon to add a random one:


If you’ve already created your question, but you’re struggling with the answers, click the magic wand that will suggest random options for you: 


Explore our Useful tips for more options and best practices. 



Edit quiz

You can edit your quiz or add more questions to edit anytime. Once saved, just click the three dots next to your quiz and select Edit.


Activate and start the quiz

Once you're all set, click the play icon to activate your quiz. Before jumping to the first question, make sure to wait for participants to join at using your #eventcode, QR code or via event link.


Your participants will be asked to enter their names. You can track this on the right side of your screen.


Once everybody's in, start the quiz by clicking the blue button:



Run the quiz

Keep an eye on the vote counter in the top right corner to make sure everybody’s voted. Afterwards, click the button to display results for the first question. This will automatically lock the voting and prevent any more votes from coming in. Afterwards, reveal the correct answer and move on to the next question.


 If you set up the timer, results appear automatically after the time is up.  



Display leaderboard


The leaderboard in Present mode displays 5 participants with the most correct answers and fastest response time. By default, it's displayed after all the questions have been answered.


As an admin, you can track the complete leaderboard throughout the entire session. Click the three vertical dots and select Leaderboard next to your active quiz to do it.


By hitting Show to participants you can also display the top 5 players to your audience whenever you wish.



Alternatively, you can also choose to show the interim leaderboard after a round of questions.


Useful tips

  • Tip 1: Add a description
    If you'd like to add more context to your quiz question, hover on it, click the three vertical dots on the right, and select Add description.
  • Tip 2: Allow participants to select multiple correct answers
    You can mark multiple correct answers for your question to make it more challenging. To earn a point, your participants have to get all the answers right.
  • Tip 3: Delete testing results
    It's a good practice to test everything before the live event. Once you're done with testing, you can simply click the three dots next to your quiz and select Reset results. You'll start from zero votes and participants again.
  • Tip 4: Disable Audience Q&A
    If you're only running a quiz or other polls, you can get rid of the Audience Q&A tab in both Admin and Participant mode. Go to Settings - Features - Questions to turn them off. This visual tutorial will help if needed.
  • Tip 5: Run the quiz throughout a presentation
    Once you reveal the correct answer to one question, you can wait as long as you'd like before activating the next one and then reveal the leaderboard at the end. Here's more about running Slido with a presentation.


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Curious about more?

23 replies

In presentation mode, we can’t get the quiz question descriptions to display. Please help. Or could that be a simple feature request :-) 

For our Trivia Night, we are labeling each of the questions by their category, e.g., Name The Actor (1 of 4) and then the description is the question, e.g., Name the common actor. Lost in Translation, The Black Dahlia, The Avengers. 

This displays perfectly for the audience playing trivia on their phone, but not in presentation mode for our event. 


Hi, @DaveHallmon

Thanks for posting your use case here. I can totally see why it would be useful for you to see the question category. 

You’re right, the poll description currently shows only for participants. As there’s always a moderator running the quiz, it leaves some room to explain the question in more detail if needed. However, I understand that if you have the question in the description, then the question doesn’t appear in Present mode.

Have you tried switching the order of category and the quiz question? That way, the category might still be obvious and participants will see it on their devices. Either way, I’m passing this as a feature request to our developers for further consideration.

If you have any more details or suggestions you’d like to share, please do! It’s a great feedback for us. 


Dasa from Slido

If I set good answer for 2 options the points are not awarded as I would expect for any of this answers :(


Hi, @Loredan

I’m sorry to hear that the functionality doesn’t work as expected. 

Just to better understand your need, did you want the participant get a point for every correct answer? Or perhaps divide the single point for any correct answer the participant would select correctly? 

Once I know more about how you would expect the correct answers to be calculated, I’d be happy to forward the suggestion to our product team. 

Thanks for letting us know it can be improved!

Dasa from Slido

Hi all,

I am creating a quiz. My questions will be multiple choice questions. Let’s say 10 possible answers, however only 6 of them are correct.

Is there any way to set up the quiz that someone, who selects just let’s say 3 correct answers, will also get points? Of course not full points, however partial points.

Thanks for help

Hi @Dasa from Slido ,


I would expect that each participant which choose one of the 2 good option to get the point no matter which one they choose. Since this is quiz type question (not multiple choice) the participant cannot (or at least I didn’t noticed) choose more than one option.


Hi, @Loredan

Thanks for the explanation. When setting up the quiz, it is indeed possible to mark multiple correct options. If you do, then the participants could also choose multiple answers.

Let me attach some screenshots here for you just in case: 

Quiz question with multiple correct answers in Admin mode

If a question requires multiple answers, the bullet points for participants will turn into squares instead of circles:

Selecting multiple answers as a participant (on the left)

You can easily test it straight in your Admin mode by creating a testing quiz question and marking multiple answers. Then, you can start the quiz and click the ‘Participant mode’ button on the left side of your admin. After joining the quiz try to answer the question choosing multiple answers. 

Hope this helps! Just one more thing about the scoring - for the participant to get a point, they would need to select all correct answers. There’s no limit on the number of the options they could go for - even all the options can be selected (and correct). 

Having said that, would you still expect to get partial points if someone has one of two answers correct (or 3 out of 4 etc.)

Thanks again for your feedback!



Hi, @Peter4444,

That’s an interesting idea!

At the moment, the participants get a point when they select all correct answers only, but I’d be happy to forward your suggestion to our product team for future consideration. 

Could you perhaps share a bit more about who is your audience and why would you like them to get partial points, too?

It would help us better understand the need and the potential solution. 

Hi - i’ve created a draft quiz, i’ve tested it out but now i can’t find where i go to edit the quiz further. Please can you guide me to the right place. 

I am new using Slido. I cannot find where to set up in screen the Top winners of a Quizz.


Hi, @Emily

You should be able to add or change your questions in the Live polls tab of your Slido event as featured above in the “Edit quiz” section of the article above. 

To sum up, you’ll just need hover on your quiz and click the three vertical dots on the right. You’ll see the option “Edit” in the drop-down. Then, you’ll be able to add more quiz questions or edit the existing ones. 

Hope that works! In case you can’t locate your quiz, please make sure you’re logged in to your Slido account at and in the right event. If that does not help, feel free to contact our lovely customer care team at to troubleshoot further. 


Hi, @Ale

we’re happy to see you’re playing around with our quiz! 

The quiz leaderboard comes up automatically with 5 winners after you click the “Leaderboard” after the last question as explained above in this article. It is also possible display the leaderboard during the quiz by marking the option after the selected question. Hope this helps. 

Just to make sure I’m addressing your question right, were you specifically trying to display the three top winners only? If so, I’m afraid this is not possible at the moment, but we’ll be curious to hear more details about what you’d like to achieve and forward them to our product team. 

As a participant, I only see my score and what place I finished.  Is it possible for participants of the live poll to see the top 5 leaderboard that the admin sees? 


Hi, @WAMLawson

At the moment, the participants only see how they did in the quiz. As the quiz is run live, admins usually share the Present mode to show quiz questions to the participants as well as the Top 5 leaderboard at the end. 

Would you mind describing how you went through the quiz? It would be super helpful for our product teams to know the details, so they could consider displaying leaderboard on participants’ devices in the future. 

All my best, 

@Dasa from Slido

Responding from a new account. Was having issues trying to login to the other account.

I used the share link and let people take the quiz that way since we’re all remote learning. They see their individual scores on their devices at the end, but they can’t see an entire list or the top 5 winners. Hope that answers your question.


Hi @WLawson 

Thanks for the details. 

At the moment it is only possible to share the link to the whole event and the admin needs to go through the quiz questions one by one for the participants to be able to answer them. Therefore, I was wondering if you’d share your screen on a video call or webinar as the last step of the quiz is the leaderboard. 

I can see how showing the top 5 winners would be beneficial here. Although I can’t promise anything, I’ve forwarded your idea as a feature request to our product teams for further consideration. 



During a quiz, there is a leaderboard displayed that tells each participant  his or her current position.

At the end of the quiz, the leaderboard displayed for the participant changes slightly to let him or her know which position he or she finished in, with some confetti.

However, I am not seeing an option to show participants the entire leaderboard (with the top finishers in order), the same way I would see it from the admin screen controlling the quiz.

Is this a feature that’s available?



Hi, @ABM , 

You’re right. At the moment it is possible to display leaderboard with top 5 winners in Present mode only.

As an admin, you can see the whole leaderboard when clicking the three dots next to the quiz and selecting Leaderboard. Your participants can only see how they scored. 

I’ll forward your idea to our product team so they can look into it. Would you mind elaborating on why would you like your participants to see the leaderboard? It would help the team understand the need. 




Is it possible to moderate user names on quizzes? We are expecting a large audience and are concerned that bad actors will use profanity in their display name, and it might appear when the leaderboard is displayed. If we are not able to do this, we won’t be able to use Slido for the quiz at all.

How do I export quiz leaderboard results? 


Hi, @Argus HD

At the moment, there’s no profanity filter available for participants’ names in quiz, although I understand it’s quite essential for you. Thanks for the suggestion!

I can see how this can be useful for other clients, too, therefore I’ve already forwarded it to our product team for further consideration. It’s currently in their backlog, so fingers crossed it gets on the list of planned features in the future!

All my best,


I want to run an event with parallel tracks. Each participant can participate in multiple tracks. We are using slido room facility for all to participate in the track. Can we create consolidated leader board for all the slido room quiz ?

Userlevel 3

Hi @dhsheth,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to create a consolidated leaderboard automatically. This will have to be done manually through data exports.

I’m sorry about that, I do realize that this will take a lot of your time but at the moment, it’s only possible to show a leaderboard from a single quiz at a time. 


Please let me know if I can help in any other way!