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  • 24 August 2020
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Before your event or meeting starts, we recommend testing Slido.


If you purchased a paid plan, don't you worry! Testing your event won't make it expire.


You can either test Slido directly from your Admin or use a second device (such as a smartphone) to fully simulate the experience of your participants.


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Test directly from your Admin

The easiest way to test your event is by using the Participant mode widget which you can find on the left-hand side of your Admin. Simply open it when you want to send a testing question or try voting in a poll - or if you want to test anything else from your audience's perspective!

Once done, don’t forget to hit the green Present mode button (in the upper-right corner) to simulate showing Slido to your audience.


Try sending a question


Try voting in a poll

Please make sure that your poll is active before voting. You can activate a poll by hitting the green play button next to it.



Test using a smartphone

Alternatively, you can also simulate the experience of your participants by joining your Slido event using an actual smartphone (or any other device you have at hand). Simply go to slido.com and type in your event code.

If you're doing your testing before the set event dates, you'll see your event listed as Upcoming. In that case, select your event from the list below to join it.


If your event is more than 45 days away, please test it directly from your Admin or using an event link which can be used to access the event at any time.

Try sending a question

Once you enter the event, you can send testing questions using your smartphone.

If you wish, you can check Slido Admin on your primary device (computer) to see the questions appear, along with the Present mode to simulate showing Slido to your audience.

Try voting in a poll

To test your polls, make sure you activate one first in your Admin by hitting the green play button next to it.

Afterwards, cast a vote to see the results update in real-time and make sure everything runs smoothly. 


Once again, if you wish, you can check Slido Admin on your primary device (computer), along with the Present mode to simulate showing poll results to your audience.


Delete testing questions and reset poll results

Once you finish testing, you can delete all submitted testing questions and reset poll results before running your actual meeting.


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I am hosting an event in 5 weeks (10 December) and will purchase a one-time subscription of Professional so that we can do moderated Q&A for that event. I haven’t used Slido before so would like to purchase a one-time subscription now so that I have time to practise using it and check out the different features, particularly how moderation of questions works and making sure the branding looks right. If I purchase the one-time Professional pass now (4 November), and want to have a couple of colleagues log on in the next week or two to test it out, will that affect the planned event use period which will be in December?


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We definitely advise doing doing a dry run and testing out Slido before going live. 

If you purchase your plan in advance, just remember to set the dates to the planned event. For the testing, proceed as per the guide and it won’t affect your planned event. :muscle:

Happy to address any additional questions you may have. :)

Good luck with your event!


Hi @Francesca 

Is there a time limit on the one-off plan, e.g. can I purchase now and have access for at least 40 days? Can I use it to run a small test event with external stakeholders?


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Hi, @CJC, apologies for the delayed response, your additional question seems to have slipped through our list.

You can purchase the one-off plan anytime - even months before the actual event will take place. You can also do some test runs to make sure everything goes smooth on the day. 

Here you can find out more about the one-time plans: 


and testing: 

Hope this helps!


I have a one time event, but my poll does not show up when I am testing the event.  I can’t seem to figure out why - I think the dates are set correctly.  Can you assist?

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Hi @Charlcye,

If you can only see the poll in your admin view but not in your participant view, this can mean that you haven’t activated the poll yet. 

The way polls work is that after you create one, you need to activate it in order for your participants to be able to vote. 

Here’s a more detailed article about poll activation:


If you’ve activated the poll and it is still not showing up in participant view, there might be a bigger problem. Please reach out to our Customer Care at support@slido.com, they will be able to troubleshoot this with you really fast 😊


Let me know if there’s anything else that I can help with!