Duplicate your event

  • 24 August 2020
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You can duplicate your events to use your polls and surveys as a template, or copy the whole setup such as multiple rooms and event settings.


Duplicate your event


To duplicate your event:

  1. Hover over the event, click the options icon and select Duplicate
  2. Change the event name and code if needed
  3. Hit Duplicate



Without an active subscription, your new event will be automatically set up as Basic.


What gets duplicated:

  • Event settings
  • Multiple rooms
  • Created polls


What doesn't get duplicated:

  • Agenda
  • Poll sessions
  • Event analytics
  • Submitted questions
  • Submitted poll responses
  • Individual poll settings (Locked voting and Visible results)


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3 replies

Can I duplicate other people’s survey?

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Hi @yako,

No, at the moment you can’t duplicate other users’ events and surveys but if you are a guest collaborator in someone else’s event, you will find the polls from that event in My templates. You can then add these polls to your events.

Hope this helps! :)

We have a multi day event going on in Europe.  In each European City we are conducting (2) separate events; Day 1 is for Sellers and Day 2 is for Partners.  I created a new Slido for Day 1.  I then duplicated the Day 1 event for Sellers and changed the name and code for the day 2 event.  


The Day 1 went fine and all our results were captured.  After Day 2, however, we are seeing our Day 2 results in our Day 1 Slido event.  My question to you - if we duplicate an event, does it not become a separate Event?  Is it an extension of the event you duplicated?  OR - is this a product defect?  Please advise.