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  • 24 August 2020
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There are a few things that can help you run a great Q&A. Highlight the questions that are being answered live and send them to the archive by marking them as answered afterwards. With the moderation feature, you can filter out all inappropriate or irrelevant ones.

There's no limit on how many questions your participants can submit.

In this article:

  • Control questions with Q&A moderation
  • Highlight questions
  • Mark questions as answered or archive them
  • Label questions


Control questions with Q&A moderation

Moderation allows you to review the questions submitted by the participants before they appear live for everyone to see. You can turn it on in the Audience Q&A tab by clicking Turn on moderation.

Available in our Professional plan and higher.


Incoming questions can be reviewed in the For review section. All approved questions are in the Live section. 


To moderate incoming questions:

  1. Go to Questions
  2. In For review tab click the green check button to approve the question 
  3. Click the red cross button to dismiss the question


If you see a typo in a question, you can edit it.

How it works for participants:
Once a participant submits their question, it appears as Waiting for review for them. Participants can withdraw their questions after you approve them. They can also edit their questions for up to 5 minutes after the approval. The edited question will appear in "For review" and you can decide to approve the changes or not.


Highlight questions

You can use the highlight feature to make it obvious for the audience which question is being discussed. When highlighted, the question stays at the top of the list of questions. This affects both the Present and Participant mode.




Mark questions as answered or archive them

Once the question has been answered, you can easily hide it by clicking the Mark as answered to make room for the next question. If you don't wish to mark a question as answered, simply Archive it.

The questions will remain stored in the archive and will be available also in your exports and analytics. You can restore a question from the archive by going to the Archive tab and clicking the Restore button. The question will re-appear in the Live Q&A.



You can control your Q&A also directly from Present mode. Learn more.


Label questions

Labels offer an easy solution to categorize and filter questions, making your meetings or Q&A sessions more structured and efficient. Read more about Labels here.


Curious about more?

6 replies

I am trying to figure out if (and then how) I would use question managers so the host/presenter is not dealing with typing and moderating Q&A.


Hi @Robb,

You could use
guest access to invite others to your Slido admin. They will be able to moderate the Q&A for the presenter.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Hi - can you let me know if the moderator doesn’t approve a question does the person submitting that question get notice? Eg. if there was something inappropriate on the question that could not be put through to the live audience and the moderator does not approve it...


Hi, @Davy

When the moderation is on, the person who sent the question will see Waiting for review tag next to their question until you approve or dismiss it. 

Here's how it looks for participants when the question is in “For review” section: 

If preferred you can also send a private message to the participant.


In case you decide to dismiss the question, it will disappear from the participant’s device and automatically moves to the archive:


Hope this helps!


Would it be possible to get a tutorial to help the collaborators understand how use the Q&A’s ?  

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Hi @dtracy,

We have plenty of great videos on our Youtube channel that we recommend sharing with collaborators to get them ready to help you with your events!

Here’s a great video on Q&A specifically: 


We also have Slido Academy playlist to help you set everything up.


Let me know if you found these useful! :)