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  • 22 January 2021
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The ranking poll is ideal if you wish for your participants to rank options in the order of importance or preference, so you can learn what resonates with your audience the most.


Watch a video guide now or continue below to a step-by-step tutorial:


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Create your ranking poll


In your Slido event, go to the Live polls tab and select Ranking poll. Just ask a question, add the options and let your participants vote:

Creating a ranking poll


Additional settings

  • Set number of options to rank
    This setting allows you to limit the number of options that you want your audience to rank. For instance, you can ask them to vote for their top 3 preferred options.
  • Randomize options
    This setting will put the given options in a random order for each participant.


How it works for your participants


This is how the ranking poll works for your participants. They can order options using both tapping and drag & drop.

Participant view for ranking polls


How we calculate the scores


With the ranking poll, participants essentially give points to each option and the higher someone ranks an option, the more points it receives. Using an example of participants needing to rank 3 options, the option ranked first receives 3 points, the second gets 2 points and the third gets 1 point.

Once voting is over, we count up these points for each option and divide it by the number of people who participated in the ranking poll. This gives us an average, ranked score for each option and the option with the highest score is the most preferred one.



  • There are 3 people (A, B, C) participating in a poll that consists of three options (X, Y, Z)
  • Person A submits the options in the following order: X, Y, Z
  • Person B submits the options in the following order: Y, X, Z
  • Person C submits the options in the following order: Y, X, Z
  • Option X receives 7 points (3 + 2 + 2); Option Y receives 8 points (2 + 3 + 3); Option Z receives 3 points (1 + 1 + 1)
  • Average for Option X is 2.3 (7 divided by 3); Average for Option Y is 2.7 (8 divided by 3); Average for Option Z is 1 (3 divided by 3)
  • The final order of Options is the following: Y (2.7); X (2.3); Z (1)

In case a participant does not rank all the options, the one they did not pick automatically receives 0 points. 


Curious about more?


8 replies

I understand the standard initial option is people have to rank all before they can submit.

I can specify a number (ie Top 5) that people must rank before they can submit.

How can I just let the audience choose to rank as many items as they think are ‘important’. For example, I have a list of 20 items, I want the audience to select and rank as many of those items as they think are important. Its a bit of a nuisance for the audience to rank a long list, many of which they don't care about. Equally for me to choose a number they have to rank is not ideal


Hi @AndrewNZ,

At the moment, it isn’t possible to let the audience rank as many options as they want. Either you set a limit yourself as the admin or they have to rank all the given options. 

That said, we might add this option to the ranking poll in the future so thanks for your feedback.



Is there a limit to the number of items in a ranking poll?


Hi @mitzi62,

There isn’t really a hard limit set on the number of items in a ranking poll. That said, we recommend keeping the list short.

Sometimes less is more. :) 


Can I set scoring? For example it I want to do a top 3 out of 6 options and then want the 1st to be 6,  2nd to be 2, and 3rd to be 1, can I do that? 

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Hi @Cruiser714,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to set scoring for any of our polls. 

Sorry about that!

Let me know if there’s anything else that I can help with 😊


Is there a way to create a ranking poll where users can submit answers as well as rank them?

Thank you!

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Hey @Atrium,

If you’d like participants to rank their own answers, then you could either use our ideas feature or you could run an open text poll and then copy and paste the answers into a ranking poll.

If you’d like participants to add submissions to a ranking poll, then you could add an option like “other” and then ask participants to submit their responses via an open text poll.


We are also discussing this use case in these threads:


Hope this helps! :)