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  • 24 August 2020
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Present mode allows you to display audience questions, ideas, and poll results instantly. No matter if your audience is remote or in the room, as humans, they like to be heard and see their vote count. Therefore, showing the Present mode is a great way to drive the interaction during your event.

Present Slido on your computer

All you need to run Slido for your event is a good Internet connection and a computer. To display Present mode:

  1. Log in to your account and select your event
  2. Click Present mode. This will open Present mode in a new tab.


Alternatively, you can hover over on "Present mode" and select the option Present in fullscreen.


You can manage Q&A and polls in Present mode using the control panel in the bottom-left corner. Learn more here. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone.



Useful tips:

  • You can Copy the Present mode link and share it with your colleagues or AV technicians so they can display it on a different screen.
  • The present mode dynamically adjusts to your screen resolution or ratio.
  • Full-screen shortcuts
    • for  Mac: Command + Shift + F
    • for Windows: F11


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