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  • 24 August 2020
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The Multiple rooms feature allows you to use Slido during concurrent sessions at meetings or events. You can manage audience questions and run polls for each room separately.


Available in our Professional plan and higher.


Your audience will be asked to choose a room to enter when joining the event and they’ll be able to switch around over the course of the event.


To help you administer the event with multiple tracks, invite your co-workers via the Share Access feature.


In this article:

  • Create and delete rooms
  • Activate and deactivate rooms
  • Manage rooms
  • Get the permanent link for a specific room


Create rooms


Whether you're running an event with parallel tracks, or multiple training sessions during the day, setting up multiple rooms will help you divide your content.


Overall, you can create up to 200 rooms but we recommend keeping the number much lower to provide a better experience for your participants.


To create a new room:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Multiple rooms
  3. Create a new room and change its name


Click the color next to your room name to align it with the event design or your preference. 


In case you need to delete a room, simply click on the bin icon next to it.


Removing a room will also delete any data collected in it. To make sure you won't lose anything, we recommend deactivating the room instead. The data will stay safe but the room will not be visible to your audience.


Activate and deactivate rooms


To limit the number of rooms your participants will need to choose from, you can activate or deactivate the rooms anytime during your event. For example, there's no need to activate the afternoon sessions in the morning.


To activate or deactivate the rooms, use the toggle button in Settings and click Save.




You can drag and drop your rooms to re-order them. 


Manage rooms


Each room has its own Questions, Ideas, Polls, and Analytics tabs.


You can choose which room you want to set up or manage in the upper right corner of your Admin dashboard.




Choose the correct room in Present mode


To open the Present mode, click the green button in your admin and select your preferred option. For remote meetings, we recommend "Present on another screen".


Once you're in Present mode:

  1. Navigate to the upper right corner
  2. Click the room name and select the correct room



If you're using Slido Switcher, you also need to select the specific room in Switcher.


Get the permanent link for a specific room


If needed, you can get a unique permanent link for both the Present and Participant modes in each of your rooms.

Present mode permanent link


To get the permanent link of the Present mode in a specific room, simply:

  1. Choose the desired room
  2. Hover over Present mode and select Present in a new tab
  3. Copy the Present mode link



You can also switch between the rooms directly from Present mode. This will automatically change the respective URL as well.

Participant mode permanent link


Getting a permanent link of the Participant mode in a specific room is useful if you want your audience to join your event using a link and you want them to immediately join the desired room.


To get the link, please first follow the steps above for getting a Present mode link. Once you have it, simply rewrite to

Useful tips:

  • Tip 1: Event Settings apply to all rooms
    You and your co-admins can manage each room and its content separately, however, it is not possible to change event settings per room. For example, if you turn on moderation in one room, it will be on in all rooms. The same will apply to colors, number of displayed questions in Present mode, character limits, and others.
  • Tip 2: Embed a specific room to your website
    You can embed both Present mode and Participant mode for a particular room into your website. If you're running a streamed event with multiple tracks, there's no need for your participants to change the rooms every time they change tracks. They'll be sent directly to the one you want them to be. Here's a tutorial on how to embed a specific room to your website.
  • Tip 3: Export your data after the event
    You can export all questions and poll results for the whole event or per room. Select the format that works best for you, be it a comprehensive online infographic, Excel file, or pdf. Learn more about the exports in the Export your data article.


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