How many participants can ask questions or vote in polls?

  • 7 September 2020
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Whether you're running a Q&A session, testing the knowledge of your audience with a quiz, or sending out a feedback survey, up to 100 people can participate in an event with our Basic plan. With our paid plans, 200 - 5,000 participants can join. They can submit an unlimited number of questions, ideas, and poll votes.


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If you organize bigger meetings or events, send us an email to to request a quote.


All Slido features are covered by an event. The maximum limit applies to the overall number of joined participants per event. You can check the statistics anytime in Analytics tab in your Admin.

For more information about our plans and features included, visit our pricing page

Invite participants to your event

All your attendees need to participate in an event is a computer or a mobile device and an Internet connection.

There's no need to download anything, they can join via event code, event link, or a QR code you share with them. Joining instruction is available anytime in Present mode which also displays questions and poll results for your audience. 


Curious about more? 

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For the 100 participant limit - is that how many can be in at the same time?  Or, it is whoever enters at any time (example - if someone logs in posts a Q and exits, that’s #1. Then another user logs in later that’s #2). 

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Hi @jamierefresco

The limit refers to the overall number of participants that join the event no matter if they ask a question or vote in polls. That means if one person joins and then leaves the event, they’re counted as one participant, then another person joins, they’re counted, too etc. 

Hope that makes sense. 


Dáša from Slido

What happens to the people who try to log in after the max is reached? do they get a message?

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Hi @DrK,

Participants who join after reaching the limit will not get a message, but it will show up in the participant count in your event analytics. They will be allowed to join the event and participate in polls and Q&A.

However, if you exceed the participant limit significantly (i.e. 10% more than the participant limit), we might block the event.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions :)