What's the difference between audience and participant?

  • 18 March 2021
  • 1 reply

Can someone please tell me the difference between ‘audience’ and participant? The basic package allows for up to 100 participants but unlimited audience Q&A. What can a participant do that an audience member can’t?

1 reply

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Hi @Caroline D,

Great question! :) 

A participant (the same thing as an audience member) is a single person joining your Slido event.

An audience is all of your participants together. 

What we mean by unlimited audience Q&A is that your whole audience can submit an unlimited number of questions. However, the audience is limited to 100 participants.


So the number of participants in your audience is limited, but the number of questions from your audience is unlimited.


Please let me know if my explanation makes sense or if you need help with anything else! :)