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  • 27 April 2021
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Use the multiple choice poll to learn more about the audience’s preferences and opinions


In this article:


Create a multiple choice poll


In your Slido event, go to the Live polls tab, select Multiple choice, add your question and its options. 

If applicable, you can also allow the following settings:

  • Mark correct answer - if your question is supposed to test the knowledge of your participants (you can mark several options as correct)
  • Allow to select multiple options - if you want to allow your participants to mark more than 1 option
  • Upload an image to your poll - to add a picture to your poll question. (Please note that this functionality is available in paid plans only. At the moment, it’s not possible to add pictures as poll options). 
Creating a multiple choice poll

Once you’re done, hit Launch to activate your poll instantly, or simply Save it for later. In case you need to make changes to your poll, click the three vertical dots next to your poll and select Edit


Run the poll and see how it works for your participants


Once you’ve prepared your poll, you can activate it by clicking the green play button (not needed if you hit Launch when creating the poll).


You can then open the Participant mode on the left to see how the poll works for your participants.

Testing the multiple choice poll

This is how the results are displayed in the Present mode:


Multiple choice poll results in Present mode


By default, the order of options adjusts based on their popularity, and results are displayed as percentages. If you want to change these settings, check out the following part of this article.


If you don’t want your audience to get biased by the answers of others, you can hide the results until you get enough votes. Keep an eye on the vote counter in the top right corner and once it hits the number you hoped for, reveal the final results.


Additionally, you can also lock the voting to prevent any more votes to go through (while still keeping the poll active and showing its results). 


Additional settings


The multiple choice poll has two additional settings which you can find under Settings → Features → Live Polls.

  • Fix order of poll options - Normally, your poll options will reorder according to the number of votes each answer gets, but you can stick to the order you set up when creating the poll by enabling this setting. 
  • Poll results as a number of votes - Show how many people voted for each option instead of the percentage count
    Settings for live polls


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4 replies

Is it possible to display the result of a poll in multiple ways? eg I have a multiple choice question which allows people to select 5 best responses from a list of 24. I want to see everyone’s results for this as a the standard horizontal bar graph and also want to display the results as a word cloud on the next slide. Can I create a word cloud from my multiple choice results?

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Hi @goosetogo,

It’s not possible to display poll results in multiple ways at the moment, but you can export your results and format your responses into graphs or other visuals.

Polls will only show you results in one format (i.e. word cloud polls will show a word cloud), but you can export your responses into Excel or Google sheets and then format the results.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions :)

Is it possible to create a multiple choice but only have two of the three choices count in the total percentage? For example, in our board votes we have for, against, or abstain but only the For(s) and Against(s) count in whether the vote passes or not.  Thank you, Tina

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Hey @TinaB,

At the moment, all options in the multiple choice poll will count in the total percentage. As a workaround, you could show the number of votes instead of percentages or you could export your results and then remove the ‘abstain’ option from the exported sheet.

Does this help? :)